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  • Tractors

  • Model 435-485 Hp - Scraper

    Model 435-485 Hp - Scraper

    Versatile scraper tractors have been designed to enhance profitability by outworking the competition. Using high quality components, Versatile scraper tractors focus on power, durability and reliability - because downtime is not an option. Engineered to be heavy duty, Versatile scraper tractors feature Cummins engines and industry proven transmissions. Comfortable for long working days, the Versatile 435SS and 485SS scraper tractors are designed to...

  • Combine

  • Model RT490  - Combine

    Model RT490 - Combine

    The RT490 is a new 490 hp Class VIII combine from Versatile. True to the heritage of Versatile, the RT490 was designed to be rugged, reliable and simple to maintain and service.At the core of the Versatile RT490 is the revolutionary Rotating Concave Rotary System. A 360° concave wraps around a large rotor and counter-rotates. The counter rotation of the concave in relation to the rotor creates an unsurpassed threshing and separating area. Three...

  • Precision Seeding

  • Air Drill

    Air Drill

    Versatile Air Drills have been engineered from the ground up to be pinpoint accurate in a wide range of field conditions. The result is consistent seed depth, better germination and smooth field finish year after year.

  • Air Cart

    Air Cart

    Independently Proven Accuracy. Independent tests have shown Versatile Air Carts to have the most accurate metering system in the industry. Published results prove that Versatile consistently out-performs the competition by achieving more accurate target application rates, regardless of the product.

  • Tillage

  • Model SD550 - Offset Disc

    Model SD550 - Offset Disc

    The Versatile SD550 disc is an all-purpose offset that provides operators the flexibility of a primary or secondary tillage piece. The SD550 is available in 9' or 10.5' spacing and allows operators to manage corn stalks and heavy residue, as well as, break hay fields and heavy pasture. The SD550 can also prepare a smooth seed bed for planting. Versatile offset discs are available in weight classes ranging from 550 lb/ft to 1050 lb/ft. Designed to be...

  • Tandem Disc

    Tandem Disc

    Versatile tandem discs are built to handle trash and incorporate heavy residue. Utilizing a one of a kind floating hitch, Versatile tandem discs leave a more level finish when compared to competitive units. All Versatile disc gangs are torqued to an unparalleled 3,200 ft lbs of torque. Steel fabricated spools are built to withstand heavy shock loads and prevent gangs from slipping. Versatile discs are also built using the best bearings in the...

  • Model C500  - Cultivator

    Model C500 - Cultivator

    The Versatile C500 cultivator has a heavy dual spring trip assemblies that allow the unit to perform like a chisel plow. The five-row frame allows crop residue to pass through the frame without plugging, which is a challenge for competitive four row units. A full floating hitch and optional 350 lb (175 kg) trip shanks make the C500 stand out from the competition.  Versatile cultivators, chisel plows, and chisel cultivators feature a full floating...