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  • Model PREMIUM - Smooth-Wall Hopper-Bottom Bin

    Model PREMIUM - Smooth-Wall Hopper-Bottom Bin

    Our smooth-wall hopper-bottom PREMIUM bin is one of the best investments on the farm. Our standard features minimize the possibilities of product bridging and resist rust in the most likely places. Stainless Steel slide gate assembly and SS poke hole, provide many years of rust free performance even when using it for FERTILIZER storage.

  • Smooth-Wall Hopper-Bottom Multi-Purpose Bin

    Smooth-Wall Hopper-Bottom Multi-Purpose Bin

    Our smooth-wall hopper-bottom multi-purpose silo is a great versatile investment for your future. Our standard features reduce product bridging, and with the possibility of storing grain, beans, seed, DDG, or fertilizer, this bin is never likely to be empty!