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  • Rhizoboxes Systems

    Rhizoboxes Systems

    Rhizobox systems of different designs are used to i) separate rhizosphere soil from bulk soil, ii) are a feasible ways to study different aspects of soil–root interactions, iii) to measure root growth and iv) to sample defined root types (e.g. age classes, orders). Splitting the root compartment of rhizoboxes (twice in the pictures rhizobox) is a cost-effective way to double the number of replicates, since only negligible...

  • Automated larval feeding station

    Automated larval feeding station

    The requirement for efficient mosquito mass rearing technology has been one of the major obstacles preventing the large scale application of the Sterile Insect Technique. In order to make the rearing process more cost-efficient, and feed addition more controllable, Vienna Scientific Instruments developed an automated feeding station for tray and rack system. The larvae feeder for mass rearing racks consist of three subsystems: i) up and down motion for...

  • Mosquito sex separator

    Mosquito sex separator

    While several genetic and transgenic approaches have been developed that permit male-female separation for some species, separation based on sexual size dimorphism continue to be a useful technique in the laboratory and in small factory settings for elimination of females. In general, female mosquitoes of many species such as Aedes and Culex but also Anopheles quadrimaculatus and A. albimanus are larger than males in the pupae stage. Vienna Scientific...