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Vienna Scientific Instruments is an Austrian engineering company. We develop and build custom-made research equipment, ranging from chambers and resilient soil corers to automated sampling, allocation and measurement devices. We will either build the open hardware of your choice or design a new product. In any case, we will work out the technical details, develop a prototype, and can thereafter refine the product until make-to-stock production. Our product line is steadily expanding and currently encompasses soil sampling equipment, rhizoboxes, minirhizotron imaging systems, ecosystem respiration chambers, and tools for (mass) insect rearing. In addition, we offer to design and produce any kind of labware / small components and open-hardware for research settings.

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Gerichtsweg 7 , Bad Vöslau , 2540 Austria

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Engineering service provider
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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Novel research often requires new scientific approaches and continuous development of new technologies - and may require specialist and unique scientific instrumentation to collect samples / data and to control processes both in the laboratory and the field.

Vienna Scientific Instruments supports this process through the combination of imaginative science and creative engineering and is coming into play when commercial instrumentation is either unavailable or unsuitable to address unique research questions or scientific tasks. Furthermore, we can help you to pursue 'open hardware' projects by modifying the designs available in repositories to fit your needs or by providing you with the complete kits, ready to assemble or already mounted, or special parts you lack the time to produce in sufficient quality yourself.

Vienna Scientific Instruments provides multidisciplinary engineering expertise, enabling assessment of problems and proposal of potential solutions; this process is highly iterative and requires a continuous dialogue between scientists, engineers and future operators to directly collaborate on the design and testing of a novel device.

Dynamic needs of public or private research institutions are met by our ability to rapidly design, build and amend instruments as research evolves. To meet this requirement, Vienna Scientific Instruments is equipped with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies. We use rapid production by 3D printing and integrate precision machined components as required, allowing engagement with a very broad spectrum of projects - ranging from mechanically highly resilient soil corers to robotic laboratory or UAV-bound automation and sampling systems.

Vienna Scientific Instruments supports and accelerates innovative scientific research through building custom-made instruments and tools for the natural sciences and related disciplines. Prototypes are key in the development of a product such as a scientific equipment, helping to develop the structure, function, and appearance of your solution. In addition, they are highly valuable to get user feedback. Frequently designers will make several prototypes during the development of a product. Occasionally the first prototype will be built early in the design process from readily available materials such as paper, cardboard and even found objects. Later, designers might use construction kits for simple prototyping - pieces are easy to assemble, but also come apart easily.

At a certain stage, however, there is no alternative building a technical prototype which is alike the end product in form and function - allowing engineers and designers to confirm performance and usability prior to starting production or to implement modifications. Once successful, it can be used as model for full-scale commercial manufacturing or to make the designs available to the general public (e.g. publish as open hardware).

Experienced mechanical, electronic and software engineers at Vienna Scientific Instruments will CAD-draft your solutions and assist with detailed planning of your scientific prototype - both on engineering and budget levels. Upon request we fully commit to non-disclosure agreements. Our extensive in-house machine shop (including different technologies of 3D printing, CNC milling and laser beam cutting, casting of nonferrous metal, resin and ceramic) is working various materials and we will acquire all necessary components (sensors, microcontrollers, etc) according to your specifications (and our experience). Especially our 3D printing facilities allow for rapid prototyping and thus a competitive cost-performance ratio.  Finally, the functioning of the technical prototype can be tested under controlled environmental conditions (-20° to +50°C, 10-90% rH temperature-dependent) with our partner organisations

Our product line is steadily expanding and currently encompasses soil sampling equipment, rhizoboxes, minirhizotron systems, ecosystem respiration chambers, an automated larvae feeding station and a mechanical sex separator for mosquito pupae. In addition, we offer to produce scientific open-hardware and labware of your choice.

All scientific instruments and tools are produced and assembled on demand according to the requested specifications; if no specific requirements are defined, standard types can be purchased. Please be aware that production and thus delivery time of scientific equipment depends on the complexity of the ordered product.

Because of the various customization options, it is advantageous if we learn about your specific requirements in detail. Please follow the links to the right or click on the pictures below for more information on specific products.

Have you ever had a scientific instrument that you absolutely loved in terms of measuring accuracy and/or ease of use but the manufacturer was no longer providing replacement parts? Is the shipping time of available original replacement parts unacceptable or do you need some degree of customization?

Vienna Scientific Instruments is able to recreate custom spareand wear parts for your scientific instrument using a wide variety of materials and including mechanical and electronical parts. To estimate costs and to reverse engineer thespare part for your scientific equipment we either need a copy of the original blueprint, most accurate measurements (incl. photos with size scale) and detailed information on the material, or to get hands on a (broken) sample of the part. If the part you want to reverse engineer is actually not available, you can either send in (parts of ) the instrument or agree to a measuring service.

Our service

  • 3D measuring and modelling (reverse engineering)
  • Customization of original design in regard to material and geometry
  • Quality fabrication of custom spares, using various materials