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Vigorena, your partner in hutches and minerals. Vigorena is a family business in Herne founded in 1989 by Joris Nerinckx, emanated by several generations of farmers. Our passion and devotion is mainly the manufacture of quality products which are durable, and ergonomic. Currently, the company is under the direction of Alain. With his knowledge as agricultural engineer combined with the experience of his veterinary brother, Yves, quality products are developped in search of comfort for the user as well as the animal. The name VIGORENA is originated from the Latin word VIGOR meaning STRONG, FIRM.

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Lindestraat 32 , Herne , 1540 Germany

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Why Using Vig-O-Comfort Hutches
During their first development stage, the calves require decent  nourishment (colostrum) and an optimal climate (shelter) to finally develop into a highly productive cow.

Vigor = Latin For Strong Firm

While choosing the name of our company 25 years ago, we wanted to account for the absolute importance of the quality of our products, which is top priority. Our customers have been, for 25 years, in possession of our very first hutches presented on the market.  And they still are in an excellent condition.

The Only Most Complete System On The Market

We are a family concern that develops, by having personal contact and listening, their products in such way that the farmer as well as the animal experience the ultimate comfort.

We Feed Outside The Hutch

 An eating calf will usually do its business straight away. Feeding outside the hutch means this one can be held clean for a longer period and reduces the cost of consumption of straw.  Additionally it also provides a better view on the health of the calf.  If it doesn’t come outside to eat, one may assume there is a health problem

Optimal Ventilattion

At the back the calf hutches are equipped with a manually adjustable ventilation.   In this way, an optimum air movement takes place and there is  outside air supply is guaranteed.

UV And Sunbeamresistant Vig-O-Comfort

Calf hutches are cast in high density white opaque polyethylene. This prevents the influence of UV and sunbeams. That way calves will suffer less from heath stress during

Easy To Keep Bacteria Free

The Vig-O-Comfort hutches are ease to clean and to keep bacteria free. Thanks to he plain surface they can be sprayed off in no time.  

Easy to Keep Bacteria Free

The Vig-O-Comfort hutches are ease to clean and to keep bacteria free. Thanks to he plain surface they can be sprayed off in no time.

Spacious Rain Resistant Feedbox

Our rain resistant cribs are made of the same material as our strong and shockproof Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches. The feed boxes are divided into two compartments and may contain chunks as well as hay.