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  • Dura-Bull Mineral Feeder

    Dura-Bull Mineral Feeder

    The Vigortone Dura-Bull Feeder is a convenient and economical way to feed Vigortone free choice mineral to your livestock. It is readily used by animals, protects your Vigortone Beef and Sheep Mineral products, and saves you time.

  • Dohrect Silage Equipment

  • Model DE-1000 - Includes FM-1000 Flowmeter

    Model DE-1000 - Includes FM-1000 Flowmeter

    The DE-1000 Dohrect Enject System has a 10 gallon insulated container which is large enough to mix up to 1000 treatable ton of product per tank  ll. Smaller batches may easily be made using the graduation on the inside of the tank marking every gallon. Calibration has been made easy. Each DE-1000 includes the FM-1000 Flowmeter (see below for more details). At the end of the day, if there is any product remaining, ice packs may be added for...

  • Model FM-1000 - Flowmeter

    Model FM-1000 - Flowmeter

    The FM-1000 Flowmeter is now standard on every DE-1000 and can easily be added to existing Dohrect Enject Systems. This flowmeter is designed exclusively for the DE-1000 to make calibration simple and easy. This unit reads in Tons per Minute (100 ton per gallon rate) on one side and ounces per minute on the other. Simply ¬oat the calibration ball to your desired application rate and calibration is done. Mounting is done with an aluminum swivel...

  • Model CM-2 - Chopper Mount

    Model CM-2 - Chopper Mount

    The CM-2 Chopper Mounting Kit (pictured to the left with a DE-1000 mounted) can be used for mounting the DE-1000 Dohrect Enject System on pull-type choppers or baggers. The concentrate solution can be mixed accordingly for these applications.

  • Calf- Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

  • Vigortone - Model Kalf 34% KA2404R - Calf- Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

    Vigortone - Model Kalf 34% KA2404R - Calf- Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

    Vigortone Kalf 34% KA2404R Medicated contains calcium necessary for strong bone development and other body functions. Phosphorus is necessary for optimum energy utilization, reproductive performance, and fiber digestion. Kalf 34% KA2404R also contains magnesium and a specially formulated blend of trace minerals including cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium, and zinc. These trace minerals play vital roles in body metabolism and are...