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  • Master Cylinders

    Master Cylinders

    The manufacturing of master cylinders is one of our most important activities. From the very start of their own design, all products are submitted to severe inspections which guarantee their long-term safety and reliability. The very wide range of components can meet any requirement from our customers and also includes parts with double diameters which are specifically designed for systems requiring high pressures with large displacements. Vimoter can...

  • Parking Brake Levers

    Parking Brake Levers

    With a very wide range of brake levers available, Vimoter can offer both ratcheting and overcentre components with relative cables attachments as well as engineered solutions to any specific requirements.

  • Brake and Throttle Pedals

    Brake and Throttle Pedals

    Our range of throttle pedals has always been appreciated for their winning design and a special attention dedicated to the robustness and functionality. Vimoter offers extensive design experience to all brake system requirements, from the smaller to the heavy-duty agricultural or earth-moving vehicles. Our standard catalogue includes pedals produced in different construction materials such as pressed plate, aluminium or nylon 6.6.