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  • Seeding

  • Roulette - Model XL  - Drum Seeder

    Roulette - Model XL - Drum Seeder

    Visser wants to be the most innovative provider of smart solutions for excellent horticultural production. Our latest seeder is our next step in improving your production. This next step in seeding is ‘menu controlled seeding’. Visser designed a new drum seeder which gives the grower the opportunity to pre-program the settings for their specific seed and or tray size.

  • Transplanting

    Great flexibility, sufficient capacity, ease of operation and a perfect planting result are problably the most important characteristics an automatic planting machine should have also in your opinion. Visser has more than 20 years of expertise in automatic planting operations and has developed a very wide range of models for both small and large nurseries, for planting into both trays and pots. Low change-over times, visual control and programming, a high degree of reliability, excellent pla

  • Grading

    Over the last decade, the use of image recognition techniques has also found its way to the greenhouse industry. Vissers many years of experience in terms of image recognition systems in greenhouse horticulture in virtually all cultivations has resulted in the most versatile line of image recognition systems for the greenhouse industry. From inspecting trays and making them uniform, grading young plants in trays to grading pot plants. Image recognition systems are equipped with digital video ca

  • Visser - Model TIFS-I - Replugger

    Visser - Model TIFS-I - Replugger

    Used for fixing plug trays. No blow out unit needed. Equipped with 2 grippers, one for removing the bad plug and one for fixing the empty cells. All servo motor controlled. 2 digital camera’s for checking/scanning plug trays. A computer is used to check scanning results and to control the grippers. Operator can change settings, such as plug size and plant size. And determines “bad” and “good” plugs. Results can be stored...