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  • Equipment- Farrowing Units

  • Farrowing Pens

    Farrowing Pens

    The farrowing pen from Vissing Agro is designed to give the sow and piglets the optimal space for the entire period.  The crate is designed with long, molded fingers, which supports the sow along her entire back. The length of the fingers are developed to accommodate both the small and the bigger piglets to give them fast and easy access to the udder. The PVC dividers around the pen are made of bright plastic material and the bracket on the rear...

  • Model FT-30 - Farrowing Pen

    Model FT-30 - Farrowing Pen

    The FT-30 pen is a new ground breaking concept. The sow is removed from the farrowing pen and the piglets remain in the pen until 30 kg. This concept contributes to a significantly lower stress level for the piglets and brings healthier living conditions and greater gain. When the sow is removed, the crate sides are raised up to a vertical position and the farrowing pen is with one move changed to a practical pen for piglets.

  • Farrow Ring Pen

    Farrow Ring Pen

    A farrowing pen with a special Farrow Ring is a completely new way to keep the sow doing the farrowing period. In this patented pen design, the sow is loose during the complete lactation period, without compromising the safety and mortality of the piglets.

  • Combi-Flex - Turn Around Farrowing Pen

    Combi-Flex - Turn Around Farrowing Pen

    Since late 90-ties Vissing Agro has developed and produced farrowing pens for loose sows and has due to this gained experience through users of the system. The multiple input and experiences we have gained have been put into a new “loose sow system”, so that we today have a pen, where management, efficiency and success go together. The measurements of the farrowing pen are 240 x 240 cm and the pen is designed as an angle turned farrowing...

  • Equipment- Gestation Unit

  • Free Access Stall Unit

    Free Access Stall Unit

    The gestation stall from Vissing Agro is the strongest and most proven on the market. The stall has been developed so the sow easily can walk in and out of the box by herself and when the so is inside the stall, another sow cannot get in. The stalls can be locked by row or each stall can be individually locked and opened from the back. The special strong and form bent back gate, provides easy access to the sow in the stall, while the gate is so high...

  • Basic Lock System

    Basic Lock System

    Basic Lock is a gestaion stall with focus on good conditions for the personnel. The crate has a lot of space and could be used also for insemination. The crate is designed for an access and exit of the sow. The crates could be locked in row, groups or individual from the back. The solid construction of the rear gate allows the the sow an easy access but avoids, that a second sow comes in.

  • Equipment- Mating Unit

  • Model XL  - Mating Stall Unit

    Model XL - Mating Stall Unit

    The mating stall has been designed to provide adequate space for both the sow and the workers, which allows for good stimulus and thus good results. The stall is designed with saloon gates, which makes it extremely easy to get the sow into the stall, while the workers easily can enter the stall without having to open the gates. The stall is made in model L and in model XL Both models can be installed with polymer troughs or with a suspended stainless...

  • Mating Unit

    Mating Unit

    The UK mating stall is a combination of a gestation stall and a mating stall. The stall has been designed, so it is easy for the sow to walk in and out of the stall and when one sow is inside the stall, another sow cannot enter the stall. The stalls can be locked by row or each stall can be locked individually at the back. The special strong and form bent back gate, provides easy access to the sow in the stall, while the gate is so high that other...

  • Equipment- Finisher and Weaners Pens

  • PVC Dividers for Finisher Pens

    PVC Dividers for Finisher Pens

    As something completely new, a finisher pen of PVC dividers has been developed. The PVC divider pen is economically very affordable, without compromising on the materials. The pens have been composed of stainless steel or galvanized profiles and can be designed with small or large gates. The dividers forms a completely closed and smooth surface which is very easy to clean

  • Controlled Environment Unit – Weaner Unit

    Controlled Environment Unit – Weaner Unit

    The penning equipment for the controlled environment unit is made in height 75cm. It is a combination of closed and ventilated dividers, which provides the pigs with optimal conditions for good growth.

  • Equipment- Feeders

  • Maxi+ - Feeders

    Maxi+ - Feeders

    The MAXI+  feeder is ideal to feed both weaning, wean-to-finish and finisher pigs. Feeders are built of plastic and stainless steel – a closed 70L plastic hopper with a cover and a feed tube in stainless steel.  Feeders are easy to adjust and easy to clean and are all suitable for both meal and pellet feed. The MAXI+ feeders are equipped with a molded stainless steel trough, which gives a smooth and hygienic surface.  The MAXI+...

  • AZA Feeding System

  • AZA  - Drive Units

    AZA - Drive Units

    AZA International has several options for drive units. The most sold is the DUBLO-series, which is shown here. DUBLO can be delivered both as a vertical and a horizontal model and is also available in a single and double model. The DUBLO-series is ideal for long and complex lops and is available in 38, 48, and 60mm feed pipes. The cabinets are made of stainless steel and security measures meets CE-standard. The DUBLO-series is available for chain,...

  • AZA  - Model CSA-series  - Loading Hopper

    AZA - Model CSA-series - Loading Hopper

    The CSA-series is extremely reliable. From the inlet hopper the feed is lead with a strong auger over the rotation filter to the conveyor pipe. This system secures an even distribution of the feed and prevents at the same time, foreign items to enter the system. The correlation between the speed of the conveying auger and the feed wire prevents any over or under filling of the feed pipes. The auger is available for both pellets and flour.

  • AZA  - Feed Dispenser

    AZA - Feed Dispenser

    The TDM feed dispenser is the result of more than 30 years of experience with feeding in gestation and farrowing units. The feed dispenser is made in a very high quality plastic. The dispenser is shock proof and transparent, which makes it easy to control the feed amount with the easy to see adjustment scale. With the stainless adjustment tape, it is easy to regulate the feed amount, both when the dispenser is full of feed and when it is empty. This...