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  • Vonin - Aquaculture Cage Nets

    Vonin - Aquaculture Cage Nets

    High quality cage nets for safeguarding your fish stock. We have for decades designed, developed and manufactured cage nets for the aquaculture industry. The experience which we have accumulated through this time, has enabled us to supply the fish farmers with high quality nets which are certified according NS9415. Our cage nets design have been thoroughly tested to withstand the harsh weather conditions and strong currents of the North Atlantic.

  • Vonin - Aquaculture Cages

  • Aquaculture Net Washers

  • Vonin - Plastic Brackets Aquaculture Cages

    Vonin - Plastic Brackets Aquaculture Cages

    Our plastic brackets are made from high quality HDPE100 and are injection moulded, which makes them strong and reliable. The neck of the bracket, which often is the week point of a bracket has been specially designed to withstand all the strong forces which it is imposed by.

  • Sinker Tubes

    Sinker Tubes

    The sinker tubes are made from high quality HDPE100 and are filled with steel wires. The sinker tubes give a more stable volume of the cage nets, even with strong currents and bad weather. The meshes are more open and this provides a better water flow. This together results in a better health of the fish with less stress and cuts. Our cages are all available with sinker tubes and can carry a sinker tube up to 70kg/mtr.

  • Net Washer

    Net Washer

    The net washer is designed to thoroughly wash all net sizes in the aquaculture industry, hereby minimizing the danger of spreading fish diseases: Heavy duty washing drum machine. 100% water tight. Large waterproof sealing door for loading and unloading the nets. Costume made, max 50m³. Adjustable washing programs.

  • Roto Screen

    Roto Screen

    The roto screen is a environmental and economic solution for separating solids from liquids. Water spraying system. Rotating brushes. Resistant to clogging. Highly reliable continuous performance.

  • Aquaculture Moorings

  • Anchors


    We have developed and designed our own exclusive anchor. The distinctive features of this anchor, is its strength, durability and superb grip. The anchor is made of steel and manufactured in two separate pieces. These two pieces are than latched together and top of that they are welded together to increase its vigorousness.

  • Buoys, Ropes and Chains

    Buoys, Ropes and Chains

    We offer a full range of certified mooring equipment, which includes buoys in all shapes and sizes, as well as ropes and chains in different types and dimensions.

  • Mooring Plates and Shackles

    Mooring Plates and Shackles

    Hot-dip galvanized mooring plates to be used with mooring shackles.  This rugged mooring plate system is highly durable and strong as well as being practical for the fish farmers. For more and more clients we have combined the regular shackle system with steel rings for making the system even more practical. The mooring plates are available in different sizes.

  • Vónin - Seines

    Vónin - Seines

    Vónin delivers seines on request, either standard size or according to customer specifications. Our standard seines are made of knotless nylon, fitted with BPB 3500 float pipes on the top with 0.5m distance and 0.5/1 kgs lead ropes on the bottom. The sides are fitted with 14 mm lines.