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  • Horticulture Ventilation Axial Fans

  • Mf-Flex - Motors

    Mf-Flex - Motors

    Under the brandname Mf-Flex, Vostermans Ventilation manufactures an extremely flexible motorline with a wide application field.

  • Mf-Flex  - Fan

    Mf-Flex - Fan

    Vostermans Ventilation offers a wide range of Mf-Flex fans. The Mf-Flex program offers numerous possibilities because of differences in:

  • Control Equipment

  • Mf-Net  - Open Modular Control System

    Mf-Net - Open Modular Control System

    The Mf-Net line is an open modular control system for various applications. By means of simply adding various modules together, you can go from stand-alone controllers to high solution, integrated control systems. The in-and output signals from main controllers and power units are easy to connect by 0-10 Volt or regular electric connections, resulting in various combinations. To choose the right combination of Mf-Net modules various criteria and...

  • Trinc - Model 1 and 2 - Integrated Triac Controllers

    Trinc - Model 1 and 2 - Integrated Triac Controllers

    The Trinc-1 enables continuously variable speed control for single phase fans 230V, 50Hz. It is integrated in the fan motor. By detecting the speed of the fan motor it can correct speed variations. As a consequence the end-user is assured that the correct Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) are maintained, independent of external wind or pressure influences.