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  • Agricultural Group

  • Greenhouse Film

    Greenhouse Film

    Vural Plastic produces greenhouse covers by Co-ex technology with 9-12-24-36 and 60 months warranty according to usage patterns and user demands. It is manufactured  by various additives by taking into account weather conditions of the region where the product is used.  

  • Mulch Film

    Mulch Film

    Mulch films are produced lasting up to 24 months in a single layer thickness of 20-30-40-50- 60 microns for covering specially prepared soil.   

  • Heat Shield Film

    Heat Shield Film

    Especially In cold climate regions, it is used in greenhouse to prevent heat loss and water drops to drip on plant that condensing on greenhouse film. Heat Shield is generally manufactured as transparentin a single layer thickness of 20-25-30-40 microns. It is manufactured as UV, IR, AF additive according to demand.

  • 3 Layer Silage Film

    3 Layer Silage Film

    3 Layer Silage film can be produced up to 12 meters with excellent mechanical    properties and designed in a way excellent resistant to tear and impact.