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  • Nets for Fish Farms

    Nets for Fish Farms

    Knox has been making nets for fish farms throughout the world since the industry's beginnings.  Years of involvement means we offer sound technical knowledge and the expertise to meet your requirements. The finest raw materials available worldwide are used in the production of Knox knotless nylon netting.  All yarn used is fully stabilised to minimise degradation by UV light.  Before being cut, all sheet netting is dyehouse set to...

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    At Knox Fibres, as a major processor of yarn for contract carpets, we foster a triangular working relationship between yarn producer, processor and final customer.  By being able to offer honest and impartial advice and a dedicated sampling service, we are well placed to allow the carpet manufacturer to create the best of finished products. We offer the following process options, which can be used singularly or in combination: air entangling,...