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  • Fish Farming Nets

  • W J Knox - Cage Nets

    W J Knox - Cage Nets

    Cage type, site conditions and user preferences are all taken into account when choosing the ideal rigging and netting specification for your cage pen, whether using traditional stabilised knotless nylon or STAR netting from GWRL, which makes in situ cleaning easier due to the smoother surface. A further recommended netting for growing fish is GWRL’s Sapphire Seal Pro, with a polymer core and stiffness enhanced by hot waxes injected during...

  • W J Knox - Predator Control Net

    W J Knox - Predator Control Net

    Nets for effective predator control below the surface can consist of panels to surround one or a complete group of cages or can be complete with bases, produced from nylon or p.e. netting.

  • W J Knox - Other Nets

    W J Knox - Other Nets

    We produce a wide range of other nets for practical use on fish farms: sweep nets incorporating floats at the top and leadline on the base; mortality baskets with a s/s frame made by our own engineers and either 15 or 25mm mesh; small box nets for sampling purposes and brailer nets, all designed and produced to suit your requirements.

  • W J Knox - Fish Health Nets

    W J Knox - Fish Health Nets

    Non-chemical products for better fish health are being continually developed and improved, in conjunction with GWRL. The robust and porous woven X12 material forms a barrier between the cage collar and net to exclude lice larvae. It can be tubular or overlapping, with monitoring showing better oxygen exchange than with standard polyester. Wrasse hides or even combination hides for all cleaner fish can be strung across the cage and are available...

  • W J Knox - Lift Up Systems

    W J Knox - Lift Up Systems

    As Scottish and Irish distributor of the popular Norwegian LiftUp systems, we hold stock in Ayrshire of the most popular mortality extraction systems and of all major components, ensuring a timely supply.

  • Camouflage

  • WJ Knox - Camouflage Nets

    WJ Knox - Camouflage Nets

    Camouflage nets made by Knox for WW1 were required to fool only the human eye but the systems of today are able to deceive the most sophisticated equipment. Knox military camouflage nets are produced to UK MoD specification for deployment in specific terrains: woodland, desert or arctic, each consisting of a base net and attached garnish. Nets can be supplied in any size and are easily joined together to cover large areas. Lightweight synthetic...