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  • Grafting Technology

  • Model Automatic IV - Well-Proven Grafting Machine

    Model Automatic IV - Well-Proven Grafting Machine

    The “Automatic VI” is a well-proven grafting machine for vines and other softwoods. The current use in the nursery Wagner leads to further improvements of the devices built since 1975 and developed constantly. The “Automatic IV” is distinguished by its clear and slim design, featuring however enough mass for a quite run. The long and adjustable blade guide and adjustable cutting depth allow a precise cut and thus...

  • Omega - 1-Cut Grafting Machine

    Omega - 1-Cut Grafting Machine

    In the course of current improvements of different generation of the „Automatic IV“ the idea of a 1-cut grafting machine was born. Thus 2002 the grafting machine “Omega 1-cut“ was introduced into the market. It is able to realize both working processes of „Automatic IV“ by 1 pedal step. This results in a saving 50% of foot motions. By only 1 cut rootstock and scion are affiliated with each other. With this...

  • Grafting Tables

    Grafting Tables

    The ideal complement to our grafting machines. The robust galvanized metal table provides a lot of well thought-out details: Border for the reception of scion and rootstocks, A cut-out which keeps the cutting remains away from the field of work, A ready-made drilling for the assembling oft he grafting machines „Automatic IV“ or „1-Cut“, Robust and long-lasting.

  • Waxing Device

    Waxing Device

    Our waxing devices are featuring the ideal size for the operation by our vine sorting device „REBENMAX“ and for the manual dipping. The device is provided for 4 operators, in case of longer plants for only 2 operators. An electronic thermostat delivers in connection with heat transfer oil and double wall an exact temperature of paraffin conserving plants. Standard size 95 l working volume, applicable for manual waxing of high grafted...

  • Planting Machines

  • Model GPS - Planting Machine

    Model GPS - Planting Machine

    2005 the satellite controlled Wagner planting machine „IPS-Drive“ has been introduced into the market. This machine represents until today a revolution with concern to vine technology opening complete new possibilities for plantings and additional works including a measuring accuracy of less than 20 mm. „IPS Drive“: Ideal for long-term cultures planting with high precision for exact lines and transversal lines. Also planting...

  • Model Champion Series - Planting Machines

    Model Champion Series - Planting Machines

    The „Champion“ among the versatile planting machines. The range consists of high quality planting machines, which are able to grow efficiently and accurately (almost) all from 10 cm length. The model family includes Champion Balance, Champion A, Champion B und Champion Kompakt. All are equipped with a hydraulic planting depth adjustment, hydraulic side shift and a circular planting system with hydraulic wire drive. Exact planting...

  • Model Universal Series - Planting Machines

    Model Universal Series - Planting Machines

    The super-efficient planting machines of the Universal series are available in various sizes. They represent, considering planting performance and planting quality, the low-cost planting machines.

  • Breaker Ploughs

  • Model M - Breaker Ploughs

    Model M - Breaker Ploughs

    Our type-series of breaker ploughs starts with the „model M“. Even our smallest device shows superior efficiency and performance with its 100 cm wide share and the hydraulically driven centrifugal valve. The working width is 90 cm and the working depth of about 50 cm. It is used for the clearing of the vines, hedges, shrubs, and tree stumps of former orchards.

  • Model G - Breaker Ploughs

    Model G - Breaker Ploughs

    The „Model G“ is our bestseller. Featuring an share with 130 cm width, a working width of 120 cm and a working depth of ca. 60 cm it is provided to assume higher functions than the “Model M”. Offered as „G II“ it is equipped by a second centrifugation valve for a higher performance and for a better soil preparation.

  • Model XL - Breaker Ploughs

    Model XL - Breaker Ploughs

    The model „XL“ represents a performance improved variant of Model G“. It features the same share size like model G. The frame is reinforced and stabilized. The plough has additionally been equipped by a stronger hydraulic system (gear drive and pump) for the double spin roll. This allows the application of this device by more powerful tractors, even in difficult circumstances, in continuous operation. As “XLII” also this...

  • Model XXL900 - Breaker Ploughs

    Model XXL900 - Breaker Ploughs

    The „model XXL900“ is the most powerful breaker plough. The customer inquiry of lifting compact cement pillars out f the ground led to the development of model „XXL900“! Particularly stable and powerful constructed it meets the highest standards of efficiency and work result. Because of the large share width the model XXL-900 features a corresponding larger designed spin roll. Optionally it is available with 2 spin rolls for...

  • Model Subsoiler - Breaker Ploughs

    Model Subsoiler - Breaker Ploughs

    The grubber offers due to its strong tines a low wear and universal application possibility in the field of soil preparation. Due to an ideal passage applicable also in high grown fields featuring a grubbing depth of 65 cm. Excellent for the use in stony and strong soils. A deep ventilation improves the breathability and therewith the growing significantly.