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Waikato Milking Systems LP

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  • Waikato - Herringbone Milking Systems

  • Model Supa4 - Herringbone Systems

    Model Supa4 - Herringbone Systems

    Known for its fast, clean milking characteristics the Waikato Supa4 has out performed and out sold all others in its class. The Supa4 has a standard installation process that ensures the integrity of the product. The design calls for a single 100mm milk-pipe draining into a receiver at one end of the pit. It is impossible to flood a 100mm system and with modern milk pumping systems milking...

  • SmartCONTROL  - Loopline Herringbone System

    SmartCONTROL - Loopline Herringbone System

    SmartCONTROL is the high performance device you use to operate your premium Waikato Milking Systems new generation technology products including SmartECRs, SmartD-TECT and SmartSPRAY. This user-friendly device gives you fast, intuitive control at your fingertips and full integration of the products with your milking system. The touch screen panel enables you to tune and operate each product connected to it. By selecting the product...

  • Waikato Lowline - Herringbone System

    Waikato Lowline - Herringbone System

    Lowline Herringbones provide the fastest possible Herringbone milking routine, are extremely effective and efficiently manage high volume cows. The Lowline is uniquely configured for a Herringbone System as the milk travels downwards as in a rotary, rather than upwards as in other Herringbones. The milk pipes in the Lowline are mounted in the pit, below the cow platform. The milk travels straight down from the cups into the Receiver...