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  • Stallion - Feeding Buckets

    Stallion - Feeding Buckets

    Stallion has a range of feeders available.  All plastic components are manufactured from impact resistant polyethylene that will not rot or corrode and is UV stable for years of outdoor use.  They feature rounded edges and smooth corners for safety and easy cleaning.  All steel components are galvanised for long maintenance free life.  They have strong, adjustable brackets suitable for fitting onto different rail...

Products by Afimilk Ltd

  • Dairy Herd Management

  • AfiFeed  - Model TMR  - Individual Feeding System

    AfiFeed - Model TMR - Individual Feeding System

    In a non-TMR feeding environment, concentrated feed supplements are critical in meeting the nutritional needs of high-yielding cows, especially those that graze. It is crucial that control of individual feed dispensers, either in the parlor during milking or the housing area, is in the hands of the herdsman. Individual feeding, in which each cow receives her own supplementary menu, presents an excellent opportunity for optimizing feed consumption....

  • Afimilk - Milking Parlor Automation

  • Model MPC & AfiLab  - Milk Analyzer

    Model MPC & AfiLab - Milk Analyzer

    Afimilk introduces a new dimension to dairy farming by implementing the In-Line Milk Lab - the industry’s power couple AfiMilk MPC and AfiLab. Managed by AfiFarm dairy farm management software, data is used for earlier detection of health problems and nutritional deficits, better control over milk quality and improvement of the entire milking environment for precision milking.

  • IDeal  - Cow Identification System

    IDeal - Cow Identification System

    Data integrity is a primary condition for reliance on automation systems for management decisions. In the hands of a good manager, a trustworthy system is a powerful management tool, yet systems allowing low quality data may cause more harm than good. Data quality results from three main factors:

  • AfiSort  - Cow Separation System

    AfiSort - Cow Separation System

    On average, 10% of all animals in the herd require special attention on any given day. Breeding, health care and scheduled treatments such as hoof trimming and vaccination are all part of the routine dairy operation. Identifying cows that require treatment and managing their traffic and care is second in importance only to milking. The AfiSort automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically selecting and scheduling cows for...

  • Afimilk Cow Monitoring

  • AfiAct  - Model II  - Cow Heat Detection Leg Tag

    AfiAct - Model II - Cow Heat Detection Leg Tag

    Good fertility management means that cows calve at optimal intervals, maintaining milk production at the highest possible level. Years of research and field experience have demonstrated the strong, direct correlation between the timing of estrus and cows' increased walking activity. Based on this crucial finding, the Afimilk team developed AfiAct, the world’s leading automatic heat detection system.

  • Afimilk - Milking Parlors

  • Afimilk - Model R600 - Rotary Milking Parlors

    Afimilk - Model R600 - Rotary Milking Parlors

    These labor-efficient milking parlors, which enable a constant daily cow routine, suit dairies that require high hourly throughput. Rotary parlor operators remain in one place to put on the cups, while the constant cow flow allows milkers to focus on essential tasks in a safe environment.

Products by Milkrite

  • Milkrite Dairy Liner

  • Impulseair - Mouthpiece Liner

    Impulseair - Mouthpiece Liner

    Improved teat condition. Better milk quality. Improved cow comfort. Relaxed parlour conditions. Lower scc and reduced cases of mastitis

  • Ultraliners - Round Liners

    Ultraliners - Round Liners

    Milkrite own brand. Designed and manufactured by us. Back up and service from the milking specialists. Extensive range to fit most parlour types. No quibble warranty to 2500 milkings. Food grade materials. Which conform to the stringent bfr, ral and reach guidelines

  • Other Products

  • impluse - Model 300 - Claw

    impluse - Model 300 - Claw

    The lightweight and ergonomic design makes the claw easier for the operator to handle and reduces the overall weight of the cluster therefore improving cow comfort.

Products by Waikato Milking Systems LP

  • Waikato - Rotary Milking Systems

  • Waikato Centrus - Rotary Systems

    Waikato Centrus - Rotary Systems

    Centrus composite rotary platforms offer superior deck strength. They are about 80% lighter and 5x stronger than traditional concrete alternatives. The deck sections are formed in a multi layer laminated process that includes Kevlar, a material offering five times the strength of concrete. The result is a superior strength deck and a platform that is 80% lighter than traditional concrete alternatives - meaning overall reduced wear and...

  • Orbit - Model 2.7m - Concrete Platform Rotary System

    Orbit - Model 2.7m - Concrete Platform Rotary System

    Known for their strength and engineering integrity, Orbit platforms are well featured and designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Waikato Milking Systems and accessories. The design of an Orbit rotary platform provides operators with a clean, fast milking environment, cow flow on and off the platform is excellent and the milking equipment is easily accessible. The direction of platform rotation is selected at the time of...

  • Revolution - Model 1.9m - Concrete Platform Rotary System

    Revolution - Model 1.9m - Concrete Platform Rotary System

    The Revolution 1.9m concrete rotary platform is the ideal solution when all you want to do is “get milking”. It is a great choice if you are on a budget and looking for an entry-level platform. Revolution platforms are easy to upgrade. You can add automation, specialised milking equipment or herd testing equipment later as your business grows. Most of the standard equipment, mounting options and herd test brackets that you...

  • Centrus  - Model 84 - Composite Rotary Platforms System

    Centrus - Model 84 - Composite Rotary Platforms System

    Centrus composite rotary platforms offer superior deck strength. They are around 90% lighter and five times stronger than traditional concrete alternatives. The Centrus 84 composite rotary platform is the largest platform designed and manufactured by Waikato Milking Systems following on from the success of the Centrus 54 and 60 bail platforms. Using technology developed specifically for this project and the most modern composite...

  • Waikato - Herringbone Milking Systems

  • Model Supa4 - Herringbone Systems

    Model Supa4 - Herringbone Systems

    Known for its fast, clean milking characteristics the Waikato Supa4 has out performed and out sold all others in its class. The Supa4 has a standard installation process that ensures the integrity of the product. The design calls for a single 100mm milk-pipe draining into a receiver at one end of the pit. It is impossible to flood a 100mm system and with modern milk pumping systems milking...

  • SmartCONTROL  - Loopline Herringbone System

    SmartCONTROL - Loopline Herringbone System

    SmartCONTROL is the high performance device you use to operate your premium Waikato Milking Systems new generation technology products including SmartECRs, SmartD-TECT and SmartSPRAY. This user-friendly device gives you fast, intuitive control at your fingertips and full integration of the products with your milking system. The touch screen panel enables you to tune and operate each product connected to it. By selecting the product...

  • Waikato Lowline - Herringbone System

    Waikato Lowline - Herringbone System

    Lowline Herringbones provide the fastest possible Herringbone milking routine, are extremely effective and efficiently manage high volume cows. The Lowline is uniquely configured for a Herringbone System as the milk travels downwards as in a rotary, rather than upwards as in other Herringbones. The milk pipes in the Lowline are mounted in the pit, below the cow platform. The milk travels straight down from the cups into the Receiver...

  • Components

  • Bail Marshal  - Brings

    Bail Marshal - Brings

    The Bail Marshal brings an unbeatable level of integration and simplicity to your milking system. With one on every bail, the Bail Marshal manages connectivity and communication between all your bail devices with speed and reliability. The beauty of the Bail Marshal system is that it enables you to add as many devices to each bail as you like whenever you want, including Electronic Milk Meters, Smart ECRs (electronic cup removers),...

Products by Holm & Laue GmbH & Co. KG

  • Calf Feeding

  • Model H&L 100 - Automatic Calf Feeding Systems

    Model H&L 100 - Automatic Calf Feeding Systems

    Recent scientifi c studies have demonstrated that by treating calves to an effective feeding programme as early as in the fi rst weeks of their life, considerably higher milk production can be expected (so-called metabolic programming).  Many small rations - their quantity, composition, and temperature matched with age, race, sex, and state of health of the respective calves - are the optimum preconditions to deploy the calves' genetic potential...

  • Hygiene Station

    Hygiene Station

    All tube systems used to have deposits of contaminated milk because they had not been cleaned often enough or thoroughly enough. For the  rst time the new HygieneStation can automatically  ush out and clean the whole milk pipeline right through to the teat after ach feed. This will reduce a calf’s exposure to bacteria, improve the health of the calves and save on manual cleaning.

  • Milk Taxi - Bucket Feeding System

    Milk Taxi - Bucket Feeding System

    You are expected at a meeting every morning, every evening... by your calves! It may be the most critical meeting you attend on your farm, as it is the one where you lay the foundations for the future success of your business. Are you one of those who are really busy during calf feeding hours because milking and feeding the cows, too, require your constant attention? Furthermore, are you one of those who want to rationalise the routine of feeding...

  • Calf Husbandry

  • Igloo - Outdoor Housing Calves

    Igloo - Outdoor Housing Calves

    Around the world, housing calves in the natural climate outdoors is increasingly making friends. Natural-climate housing is tantamount to the maximum supply of fresh air. This is the only way in which a low bacteria load will express as a good state of health in the animals from the outset. Calves are able to easily adjust to changing climatic conditions. In America, this has been a practice for decades, with individual hutches....

  • Igloo - Housing Systems

    Igloo - Housing Systems

    Only its incorporation into a well-thought-out housing system turns the Igloo into an ideal place for your calf-rearing operation. One example of an Igloo permanently set into a full housing concept is the so-called Igloo System. It has proven itself around the world, in particular in medium-scale and large-scale operations.

  • Igloo Veranda - Outdoor Housing Calves

    Igloo Veranda - Outdoor Housing Calves

    On your farm, you do not have the right location for a fullsized H&L Igloo System with a permanently installed roofed exercise and feeding area? You do not want to be forced to select the final spot, so you can change the lay-out later, when your farm develops? Or does year-round calving limit your number of calves? In all these cases, the H&L Igloo Veranda will provide previously unheard-of flexibility.

Products by Ambic Equipment Limited

  • Teat Spraying

  • JetStream - Teat Spraying

    JetStream - Teat Spraying

    Fully Vacuum operated so no electricity required. Switches on and off automatically with the milking system. Choice of 3 guns. Every unit tested before shipment. Each JetStream comes complete with a handy AmbiSpanner for easy installation. Easy to install and maintain. Comprehensive 12 month warranty.

  • Classic  - Automated Teat Sprayer

    Classic - Automated Teat Sprayer

    Fully Vacuum operated so no electricity required. The new EasySpray Gun combines revolutionary solid cone spray technology and lever style convenience to give the most efficient spray pattern possible. Wide angle adjustable spray pattern for complete but economic coverage. Unique Dump Valve means no mess when you switch off or change guns and automatically back-flushes the chemical intake filter. Expandable up to 20 guns. Every unit tested before...

  • Test Dipping

  • Ambic - Model ADC/125  - Mini Dipper

    Ambic - Model ADC/125 - Mini Dipper

    An alternative version of the popular Original No.1 Non Return Dip Cup, the MiniDipper has a 15ml dip cup capacity to suit smaller teated animals.

  • Teat Foaming

  • AutoFoamer - Pre-Milking Preparation System

    AutoFoamer - Pre-Milking Preparation System

    To meet the demand for greater automation in the area of pre-milking preparation the new AutoFoamer™ automates the process of foam generation to provide farmers with a fully automated and constant supply of optimum quality foam. The kit comes with handy new dropper kits which incorporate a patented new system of foam generation to optimise foam quality and make for easy cleaning between milkings.

  • PowerFoamer - Pre- And Post- Teat Disinfection System

    PowerFoamer - Pre- And Post- Teat Disinfection System

    The evolution of foaming pre- and post- teat disinfection is recognised as a major breakthrough in the management of mastitis. Modern foaming disinfectants provide dense wetting foam that bathes the teat with fresh active chemical as each bubble bursts, providing new levels of efficacy and efficiency. Available in a pneumatic version that uses existing on-farm air supply and an electric version with built-in air pump.

  • Foam n Dip - Pre- and Post- Teat Sanitisation System

    Foam n Dip - Pre- and Post- Teat Sanitisation System

    Foam'n'Dip is a simple, economical and yet highly effective dual purpose teat sanitisation system which generates low pressure compressed air to automate both pre- and post- teat sanitisation processes. The system comprises mains operated a dual purpose Air Power Unit which is used to operate a combination of Foam Applicators for pre-milking treatment and Dip Applicators for post-milking teat sanitisation. Using a single power unit to drive both types...

  • Cow Locator

  • Cow Locator

    Cow Locator

    Correct cow positioning is of critical importance to the achievement of optimal cluster alignment. This in turn facilitates the good, clean milking out of all four quarters in order to maximise milk yield and maintain optimum udder health. Correct cow positioning is also important for optimum presentation of the cow’s teats for effective teat spraying. The Ambic Locator™ is a cow positioning device which is specifically designed for rotary...