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Wallaby Fabrication began building purpose designed spreaders in response to a resurgence of interest in natural fertilizers. That was in 1990. Through close contact with our customers the various designs have been developed and refined continuously. Country born and bred with a family history of close contact with the land, Bill Cummins the operator of Wallaby Fabrication has an ability to understand and interpret the needs of various agricultural industries.

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Lot 73 Railway Street , Paterson , New South Wales 2421 Australia

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Nationally (across the country)

As we all know there have been substantial price rises in most commodities over the past few years. Despite the current financial downturn the cost of materials needed for the construction of our spreaders has remained elevated.

At Wallaby Fabrication the challenge to keep the price of our spreaders under control has been addressed by way of improved techniques. As a result of our continuous research & development efforts, it was discovered that the cost of an automated plasma metal cutting system was within our reach.

We purchased and imported from America the highly regarded Torchmate CNC plasma system in early Feb 2008. It was put to work  & immediately allowed substantial savings in time & materials. There has been a marked improvement in build quality as well. In October 2009 we increased our capacity of the bed which enables us to cut larger plates of steel.

In late April 2009, after more research an electrostatic spray painting unit was commissioned. Wastage of paint through overspray has been virtually eliminated and once again the finish quality and durability has improved greatly. There has also been a significant saving in labour. With paint consumption nearly halved we can now afford the best paint available and can, through the electrostatic process, apply a thicker coat of paint. Another win for our customers!

Our most recent addition in October 2009 is the CNC Press Brake, which cuts down on welding as we have a greater capacity to bend steel, and we are able to produce a wider variety of machines.

We’re keeping one jump ahead of the competition & you, our customer, are the beneficiaries!