The mission of the Washington State Tree Fruit Association is to advance the tree fruit industry by providing education and training programs to meet the changing needs of the industry.

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105 S 18th St, Suite 116 , Yakima , Washington 98901 USA

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Professional association
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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)


The education efforts of WSHA focus on informing orchardists and shippers about issues and emerging technologies affecting the tree fruit industry. We partner with other tree fruit groups to host the leading educational conference for Washington's tree fruit growers and shippers.

The Annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo takes place each year in December. The meeting, which alternates between Wenatchee and Yakima, draws in over 1,500 industry members to learn about the latest trends and topics occurring within the fruit industry. 2014 will mark the first year that the rotation has changed. Tri Cities will be the home of the Annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo on a trial bases for 2014.

Political Action

WSHA represents the tree fruit industry in Olympia, working both legislative and regulatory issues. This allows us to voice the industry's views on critical issues and protect the tree fruit industry from unfair laws and rules. We work with other tree fruit groups to identify priority issues and develop industry positions to offer smart solutions. The end result saves the industry time and money from unnecessary laws and regulations.

WSHA works the legislative and regulatory arenas full-time, funding professional lobbyists, consultants and other experts to give policy makers the information needed to protect and promote the tree fruit industry.

The association brings growers to Olympia each Janurary/February for our annual Tree Fruit Day. Face-to-face meetings with legislators are absolutely crucial for legislators to understand and hear our issues. Tree Fruit Day puts growers in touch with these key legislators and key decision makers.

The Hort legislative agenda is determined by the Government Affairs Committee. The committee meets prior to the legislative session to outline positions on critical issues. Issues range from water and salmon to unemployment insurance.


We use multiple means to keep the industry informed, such as:

  • WSHA Website
  • Hort Headlines, our weekly e-mail update
  • Capitol View, during the legislative session
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Meeting
  • Tree Fruit Day

We also serve as a resource for reporters on key issues.

To advance the tree fruit industry by providing education and training programs to meet the changing needs of the industry. WSHA also serves as the advocate on issues affecting the tree fruit industry, particularly legislation and regulation.

What is Hort PAC?

The Hort Political Action Committee (PAC) financially assists pro-agriculture and pro-business candidates into elected office inWashington State. Hort PAC is voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan and non-discriminatory.

Where does Hort PAC's money go?

Hort PAC will contribute to legislative races, statewide races and ballot issues. Candidates and issues that are fiscally responsible in nature and that are supportive of the advancement of the needs and issues of the tree fruit industry in the state of Washington will be supported to the degree possible.

Why not give to a candidate directly?

Hort PAC enables the tree fruit industry to collectively support candidates for office who share their interests. This joint effort provides a stronger voice for the tree fruit industry than does a single contribution. Together, as the tree fruit industry, we can make a strong political statement and a difference!