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  • Swine Equipment

  • Farrowing Crates

    Farrowing Crates

    Standard size is 5' x 7'.  Made of heavy gauge tubing and pipe for years of trouble free service.  Sides easily adjust for large sows or small gilts.  Sow Stop is adjustable for various crate widths or sow lengths and retains sow in crate even with back door open for easy clean ups.  Front and back doors open in either direction for moving sows in and out of crate.  Large Stainless Steel Feeder removes easily for...

  • Nursery Pens

    Nursery Pens

    Construction & Specifications for Standard Nursery Pen:    Legs constructed of 2' x 2' x 3/16' Angle with side panel and end panel brackets and floor rack bracket (can be built to any height on order).  Side and End Panels are constructed of 3/8' x 1' Flat Bar at top and bottom with 5/16' Rod welded vertically on 2' centers.  Bottom Rack made of 1/4' x 1-1/2' Flat Bar turned on edge for...

  • Two-Stage Feeders

    Two-Stage Feeders

    Double Sided Grower/finishing Feeder:     Two-stage finish feeder.   All welded construction, made from 304 Stainless Steel for many years of trouble-free use.  The two-stage feeder helps to avoid feed waste due to spoilage and animals dragging feed from the trough.  The primary eating surface is on a raised deck above the trough bottom, which eliminates the build-up of feed in the...

  • Flush Tanks

    Flush Tanks

    The Round Dump Flush Tank and Optional Flume: The Round Dump Flush Tank on its free spinning bearings offers smooth, quiet operation.  Made of heavy 11 Gauge steel, these tanks are built for long life.  The round design eliminates flexing of the tank wall and breaking of seams.  

  • Livestock Equipment

  • Hydraulic Livestock Trailer

    Hydraulic Livestock Trailer

    Hydraulic Livestock Trailers, 14' and 16' with a lift height of 50', feature ground level loading, eliminating ramps and chutes, for efficient one-man loading and transport of livestock. The trailers have a removable center divider panel with a sliding 23' wide gate, and easy-lock/easy-open latches.  Sturdy 42' high sides, with vertical construction to prevent climbing, are made of 1-1/4' heavy wall square tubing and 1/2' solid rod....

  • Elevated Calf Stalls

    Elevated Calf Stalls

    Allows for controlled handling and feeding of bottle calves.  Raises calf up, out of contact with mud and manure.  Reduces space requirements and cost as opposed to hutches.  Helps to insure best possible growth rate and survivability of calves.  A better, more profitable way to bring veal calves to market, or get your replacement heifers off to a good start.