We, WBV Westdeutscher Bindegarn-Vertrieb Eselgrimm GmbH & Co. KG from Oelde, are a supplier and wholesaler for packaging materials and film products. Founded in 1917, we have been continually expanding since then, and have now achieved an annual turnover of €160 mil. Therefore, we are amongst the leading major importers for packaging materials, film products and articles relating to occupational safety in Europe.

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Am Landhagen 50 , Oelde , 59302 Germany

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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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More than 170 employees
We are particularly proud of our over 170 employees, who are committed to this success every day. Well trained specialists continually take care of the acquisition of products, and therefore ensure the excellent material and quality of workmanship of our own imports. We also give between 15 and 25 apprentices a start in working life every year, and train them up as merchants in wholesale and foreign trade, specialists in warehouse logistics or technical warehousing specialists.

Impeccable quality at low prices
Due to a high import volume and close collaboration with our production sites, we not only offer impeccable quality, but also reasonably priced products.

There is plenty of space for these products in our new logistics centre, which provides a storage area of around 28,000 m², and space for over 40,000 pallets due to our automatic High-Bay Warehouse.

Quick delivery guaranteed
We guarantee quick and punctual delivery of our articles, thanks to our in-house freight forwarding company.

Therefore, more than 600 pallets leave our warehouse daily, on more than 100 trucks per week.

Our history
WBV Westdeutscher Bindegarn-Vertrieb Eselgrimm GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1917 by Georg Eselgrimm, and has been owned by the family since then.