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  • Agriculture Products

  • Pulmic Raptor - Header Drapers

    Pulmic Raptor - Header Drapers

    WCCO Belting, Inc. is the largest supplier of OEM harvest header drapers in the world. Since the harvest header market has been transitioning from traditional auger headers to more modern belted headers, it is estimated that two out of three new headers now contain draper belting. Belted headers will increase your capacity and decrease product loss, operate with an even feed, work with flex designs, and are less in weight compared to traditional...

  • Swather & Windrower Belts

    Swather & Windrower Belts

    WCCO’s swather (windrower) belting, like our harvest header draper belting, is made with our patented RAPTOR™ fabric. RAPTOR™ belting has higher strength properties, superior durability, and has more stable market pricing compared to other conventional swather belt options. Our swather belting also features WCCO’s RUB-R-CLEAT™ which comes in numerous cleat sizes and styles. The RUB-R-CLEAT™ is a fiberglass rod...

  • Combine Pickup Belts

    Combine Pickup Belts

    WCCO’s combine pickup belts meet all of the design and quality standards of major manufacturers and latest harvesting equipment. The WCCO double-prong tooth was designed with a special plastic compound; its unique flex construction, along with the most efficient angle of pickup, makes our belt top-of-the-line. The belts are made from specialty fabrics and components in order to provide excellent environmental resistance in the most unfavorable...

  • Ultimate - Agricultural Conveyor Belts

    Ultimate - Agricultural Conveyor Belts

    The ULTIMATE fabric construction that WCCO uses for its tube conveyor belting eliminates bleed through on the bareback side which can reduce end user energy costs, lower belt drag on start-up, and lessen ongoing belt drag. Our conveyor belting also has a substantial temperature tolerance (-40˚ F) and high belt flexibility. Like our baler belting, we have numerous pattern and texture options in various widths available for our conveyor belting.

  • Seed Tender Belts

    Seed Tender Belts

    WCCO’s seed tender belting can be customized per your specifications.  Like our baler and agricultural conveyor belting, we have numerous standard pattern and texture options in various widths available for seed tenders.

  • Agriculture Material Handling Belts

    Agriculture Material Handling Belts

    The WCCO potato harvesting belts are made of a durable fabric and reinforced with a softer rubber compound that will gently handle the product, preventing nicks and bruises. Our durable yet delicate belt is aimed to lessen your crop loss.

  • Industrial Products

  • Light Industrial Conveyor Belts

    Light Industrial Conveyor Belts

    WCCO thrives in its ability to design raw compounds and fabrics to build-to-order the specialty rubber products our customers require. We manufacture a variety of belt constructions for light industrial applications. Our focus on fabric strength and hook retention makes our industrial conveyor belting strong and resilient.