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  • Constant Velocity (Wide Angle) Joints

    Constant Velocity (Wide Angle) Joints

    The constant velocity universal joint (CV) allows smooth machine operation through a broad range of motion. These joints allow the machine to be designed with the input shaft in the best operating position and yet allow the operator to maneuver as needed. The CV delivers constant power by self-canceling torque and speed fluctuations typically found in single cardan-type universal joints.

  • Universal Joints & Cross and Bearings

    Universal Joints & Cross and Bearings

    The cross and bearing kit is the core of the PTO drive shaft and care should be taken to determine the correct style and size for the application. Weasler offers a wide variety of plain bearing kits, standard agricultural kits, extended lube kits, bushing lube kits, constant velocity kits or vehicular kits to meet customer needs.

  • Torsional Dampers

    Weasler torsional dampers are designed to provide significant reduction of vibration in many types of powertrain systems, protecting drivetrain components from excessive wear. By reducing torsional vibration, component life is increased while providing for greater operator comfort and reduced material fatigue.

  • Shaft Mounted Torsional Damper

    Shaft Mounted Torsional Damper

    This damper design is referred to as a shock absorbing flexible coupling or SAFC. A variety of deflection rates are available to meet the needs of your application requirements.

  • Weasler - Standard Gearboxes

    Weasler - Standard Gearboxes

    Weasler Standard Gearboxes come in a wide range of HP capacities. Choose from existing ratios and shaft configurations or customize them to meet your application needs. Our Application Engineers will work with you to understand your application requirements and size the appropriate gearbox for your application.

  • Clutches

    Weasler Clutches provide high levels of protection for agricultural machinery. Our clutches will protect your agricultural machinery against overloading and, thus, prevent your machinery from failing or needing repairs. Overloading can occur when work begins and before the machine reaches its optimum speed of operation. Your machine may also overload if you drive too fast, if you process to much harvested crop at once or if your unit is blocked by foreign objects. We have a clutch solutions

  • TorQmaster - Automatic Clutch

    TorQmaster - Automatic Clutch

    The automatic clutch offers a level of implement overload protection not possible with other types of clutches. The compact, efficient design disconnects the power source from the drivetrain when overload occurs, and does not reconnect until the speed is reduced to near zero. During disengagement, the patented design does not allow or generate damaging torque spikes or heat.

  • TorQmaster - Friction Clutch

    TorQmaster - Friction Clutch

    The friction clutch is indispensable in certain agricultural implement applications. The friction clutch is the only torque limiter to continuously transmit power while overloaded. This is valuable during start up of high inertia machines, as well as for leveling out torsional fluctuations due to high cyclic loads. During operation the clutch transmits limited power. The patented design isolates and dissipates heat quickly to protect the machine.

  • PTO Drive Shafts

    Weasler PTO drive shafts are designed to meet specific requirements with the most economical design. Supplying a global market, Weasler can provide PTO drive shaft options in both North American and Metric. With these two styles Weasler has a complete offering of standard and wide angle PTO drive shafts, with many design options including telescoping, high speed, double telescoping.

  • High Performance PTO Drive Shafts

    High Performance PTO Drive Shafts

    Our high performance PTO drive shafts are the industry leading solution for the agricultural industry. They are designed for continuous heavy-duty use and meet the requirements of large farms and contractors. Unique features and benefits make the Weasler high performance PTO drive shafts the premier solution when it comes to handling, economy and safety.