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  • Model PGW Series - High Horsepower Rotavators

    Model PGW Series - High Horsepower Rotavators

    The high performance PGW series is covered by several Korean patents for its technical innovations. This together with the quality throughout make it a world leader among high horsepower Rotavators.

  • Model SG Series - Rotavator

    Model SG Series - Rotavator

    Designed to get big performance from small tractors using WECAN technology allows 35 hp tractors to operate Rotavators normally fitted to 70 hp tractors.

  • Model Dual Series - Rotavators

    Model Dual Series - Rotavators

    Suitable for rough mountain area. It would be cultivated of rough mountain area such as soft soil with high superb technique.

  • Model MV Series - Bedformer

    Model MV Series - Bedformer

    The MV series is a specialist greenhouse and orchard with an offset gearbox and a double acting hydraulic ram which allow operation in greenhouses and orchards where the rotavator can reach under the tree branches which the tractor stays clear of the branches.