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  • Model FOLDER Series - Rotavator

    Model FOLDER Series - Rotavator

    It's the perfect ideal machine!! The technical innovation of Rotavator and for the professional use on large areas, the Folder series are well suited.

  • Model PGW Series - High Horsepower Rotavators

    Model PGW Series - High Horsepower Rotavators

    The high performance PGW series is covered by several Korean patents for its technical innovations. This together with the quality throughout make it a world leader among high horsepower Rotavators

  • Model SGW Series - Rotavators

    Model SGW Series - Rotavators

    This specialist model from WECAN is able to work in much higher than normal moisture levels as well as normal soil.

  • Model SG Series - Rotavators

    Model SG Series - Rotavators

    Designed to get big performance from small tractors using WECAN technology allows 35 hp tractors to operate Rotavators normally fitted to 70 hp tractors.

  • Model DP Series - Rotavators

    Model DP Series - Rotavators

    The DP is designed for specialist work such as greenhouse and deep tillage due to its design and gearing the DP series is able ot cover any given area quicker and in doing so, reduce the emission of toxic fumes and particles substantially.

  • Model MV Series - Bedformer

    Model MV Series - Bedformer

    The MV series is a specialist greenhouse and orchard with an offset gearbox and a double acting hydraulic ram which allow operation in greenhouses and orchards where the rotavator can reach under the tree branches which the tractor stays clear of the branches.