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  • Liquid Pig Feeding

  • Nutrix+ - Suckling Piglet Feeding System

    Nutrix+ - Suckling Piglet Feeding System

    For the first time in our branch of trade, Nutrix+ now enables a dosification of smallest amounts of sows’ milk substitutes, starting from piglet milk to yoghurt and prestarter to piglet starter feed. Thereby, the feeding of suckling piglets can be perfectly adapted to their growth. The piglets are gradually introduced to new feed and are therefore not exposed to the stress of a sudden change of feed after weaning. The reason is that the enzyme...

  • Model BW+ - Liquid Pig Feeding System

    Model BW+ - Liquid Pig Feeding System

    Weda Liquid Feeding System, large amounts of feed can be transported by circular pipeline over great distances within a very short time. With this system, small as well as large numbers of livestock will at all times be optimally provided for.

  • Liquid Feeding Tank for Weaners

    Liquid Feeding Tank for Weaners

    The Conticomp tank is ideal for a feed provision of your weaners which is in keeping with their needs and which is hygienically safe. Smallest flowing feed amounts can be mixed without any problems.

  • Dry Pig Feeding

  • Model K1 - Drive Unit

    Model K1 - Drive Unit

    The Drive unit K1 for the dry feeding is the core of feed transport. Our approved components ensure smooth conveyance.

  • Deflecting Corners Lead Conveyor

    Deflecting Corners Lead Conveyor

    Deflecting corners lead conveyor chains via an impeller and enable problem-free transport around corners. Integrated impellers lessen wear and ensure a long life-span of the conveyor chain.

  • Volumetric Dispenser

    Volumetric Dispenser

    The volumetric dispenser is directly connected with the feed-line. Filling up takes place via a closable opening in the feed line.

  • Electronic Sow Feeding

  • SowComp - Electronic Sow Feeding System

    SowComp - Electronic Sow Feeding System

    SowComp-Feeder is an electronic sow feeding system especially designed for sows in group management. Ear transponders enableperfect preprogrammed feeding of individual sows.

  • Pig House Equipment

  • Model D - Fattening Pens

    Model D - Fattening Pens

    Compared to our standard version, our fattening pens D differ in height and furnishing. This way, e.g., your animals can get in contact with each other via the integrated fence. The freely suspended gate with door handle snaps in automatically and is swivelling to both sides. The 50-pipe is embedded into the trough separating wall. This way, dirty corners will be avoided.

  • Model D - Weaner Pens

    Model D - Weaner Pens

    The weaner pens D possess a contact fence for optimal communal coexistence. The integrated weaner covering of light and resistant material ensures comfortable warmth. Our pens are absolutely cleanly processed. This means no risk of injury for humans or animals. The contact grid for social contact of the animals amongst each other is manufactured of high-grade steel. The weaner cover consists of light, hard-wearing and resistant material.

  • VarioFlex - House Equipment

    VarioFlex - House Equipment

    In cooperation with a research consortium, the Lower Saxonian manufacturers of house equipment, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp have developed a new kind of farrowing pen. With a new structure, the innovation truly lives up to its name, - “VarioFlex“. On a limited space, the free running mother sow and the piglets are now provided with much more space for free movement. This way, the farmer gains a maximum of security.

  • Model 4PX PLUS - Feeding Technology

    Model 4PX PLUS - Feeding Technology

    Each house unit is an individual one. And for this reason, every farmer has his own idea of the priority of the information from his house. Exactly for meeting with these special demands, the Lower Saxonian manufacturers of house equipment, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, have developed an innovative solution with the new Excellent 4PX PLUS. The modern User Interface supports the WEDA feeding and fermentation system in the house units.