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Weed Badger has manufactured precision in-row tillage and mowing equipment in the Upper Midwest, U.S.A. since the product was first invented in late 1970. Our focus is entirely on manufacturing the best precision in-row tillers, mowers, and undercanopy management tools in the world. Weed Badger cares for customers needs factory-direct. This saves you money by eliminating middleman mark-up costs. It also ensures that Weed Badger owners get the very best customer service. We manufacture Weed Badger equipment to last. So we provide lifetime free customer service. That means that no matter how long you’ve owned or operated your Weed Badger we will work to help you get the best out of it with factory-direct parts and service. More than half our personnel have over 15 years of experience with the company. We still provide parts and service for machines shipped three decades ago. Take advantage of our factory-direct component repair service.

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5673 95th Ave Se , Marion , North Dakota 58466-971 USA

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When you call to ask about Weed Badger equipment, we qualify exactly which equipment will match your crop, your conditions, your tractor, and to do the jobs you want to get done. So when you purchase a new Weed Badger, you get an equipment package that is customized to your needs.

Weed Badger personnel have more comprehensive understanding of precision in-row, under-canopy floor management than anyone. When you contact Weed Badger you will get information on the most advanced and effective equipment to perform a full range of in-row, under-canopy weed control and strip or border management.

WEEDBADGER gives you 99.99% perfect weed control and a whole lot more!

  • Kill 99.99% of in-row weeds with Weed Badger...without chemicals or hand labor.
  • Eliminate habitat for mice, other rodents, insects, and disease in unsightly burned back vegetation.
  • Stop spending your time posting warnings, keeping chemical application records, then reporting every detail to various agencies.
  • You can forget about waiting for perfect wind or weather conditions for herbicides.
  • End worry about worker exposure to chemical weed control products.
  • Aerate and condition the soil. Boost beneficial microbe activity and preserve precious subsurface soil structure.
  • Improve water penetration, retain more moisture, and save on irrigation expense.
  • Stop further accumulation of toxic herbicide residue.
  • Rip out every weed, any weed...every time.
  • Improve the appearance of your property.
  • Cultivate the strip while protecting shallow root systems.
  • Do more jobs with options and attachments...rake brush, reshape berms or borders, hill up, hill down, mow, incorporate soil amendments and organic matter, sweep away debris...all with one machine!
  • One machine purchase...a lifetime of weed control.