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  • Precision Seeder

  • Luke - 5 Rows Hand Seeder

    Luke - 5 Rows Hand Seeder

    The Hand Seeder has the features of prevent drilling seeds in turn-rows. Large front wheel is easy to push .This hand seeder unit is excellent for vegetable gardens large and small.

  • Luke - Gasoline Planter

    Luke - Gasoline Planter

    Suitable for Carrot, Ternip, Chinese Cabbage, Baby cabbage, Broccoli, cabbage, coriander, beet, onion, Spring Cabbage, Spinach, Chinese flowering cabbage, lettuce, smallage, scallion, Cole, Cole flower, Foeniculum vulgare, Amaranth;Quinoa, millet, sorghum,  barley, wheat,  Alfalfa;ginseng, gen-seng, pseudo-ginseng, Platycodon grandiflorum;Cherry;Red bean, Peas

  • Luke - Handle Simple Seeder

    Luke - Handle Simple Seeder

    Improved Scientific Design: Due to adding the auxiliary device,when the brush sweep out the seeds,the seeds fall on the limber filler firstly. Just for the cushion,avoid the seeds backup and protect from damage. In this way, the Plant spacing is uniform, Seeds qty  is stable.