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  • Wheel Loader

  • Weldco-Beales - Side Dump Bucket

    Weldco-Beales - Side Dump Bucket

    WBM Side Dump Buckets are used in applications where space is limited and a loader is not able to go through its normal load and dump routine. These buckets are also used in snow removal applications.

  • Motor Grader

  • Weldco-Beales - Hydraulic Angle Blades

    Weldco-Beales - Hydraulic Angle Blades

    WBM Hydraulic Angle Blades are used in applications where snow removal, land levelling, grading and dozing are required. With 30 degrees of hydraulic left or right angle capability, the operator is provided with increased material control during conventional dozing operations.

  • Excavator & Log Loader