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  • Excavator & Log Loader - Booms

  • Excavator & Log Loader - Brush Cutter

  • Weldco-Beales - Model ERC - Rotary Cutter

    Weldco-Beales - Model ERC - Rotary Cutter

    The WBM Rotary Cutter (ERC) Brushcutter is designed to cut down small trees and brush safely and easily. Used primarily in forestry, land clearing, road construction, and right of way maintenance.

  • Wheel Loader - Blades/Plows

  • Weldco-Beales - Hydraulic Angle Blades

    Weldco-Beales - Hydraulic Angle Blades

    WBM Hydraulic Angle Blades are the ultimate attachment for Wheel Loader dozing, grading, and general clearing applications. With 30 degrees of left or right blade angling controlled from the cab with the 3rd valve function, the operator has increased material control during dozing operations. In the straight blade position, the Wheel Loader linkage enables the operator to pitch the blade forward or back to alter the grading or cutting...

  • Wheel Loader - Buckets

  • Weldco Beales - Bale/Silage Bucket

    Weldco Beales - Bale/Silage Bucket

    WBM Bale/Silage Buckets are designed specifically for handling round bales and loading silage in an agricultural feedlot application. Compared to a Corral Bucket, the Bale/Silage Bucket has a larger convex radius on the leading edge and the basket is taller to allow for better round bale handling. This creates approx. 1/4 yd increase in capacity over the Corral Bucket. The tips on the overarm are typically designed with extended length to...

  • Motor Grader - Blades

  • Weldco-Beales - Hydraulic Angle Blade

    Weldco-Beales - Hydraulic Angle Blade

    WBM Hydraulic Angle Blades are used in applications where snow removal, land levelling, grading and dozing are required. With 30 degrees of hydraulic left or right angle capability, the operator is provided with increased material control during conventional dozing operations.

  • Crawler Dozer - Blades

  • Weldco Beales - 6 Way Power Angle/Tilt Blade

    Weldco Beales - 6 Way Power Angle/Tilt Blade

    The 6 Way Power Angle/Tilt Blade adds versatility to your Crawler Dozer. Set your blade for grading, trimming, sloping, ditching, or a variety of other tasks without leaving your cab. Designed and built to last with years of proven service in the field, a Weldco-Beales 6 Way Blade is a powerful attachment for your Crawler Dozer.