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  • Bin Carrier

    Bin Carrier

    Weldcraft Bin Carrier has been trie industries premier machine for over 30 years. It can carry more weight and handle more bins in a day than a harvester can pick-up. Handling all types of crops in a variety of bin sizes.

  • Bin Dumper

    Bin Dumper

    The new Weldcraft Bin Dumper will cut your costs by offering fast clumping ana zero down time. It fits virtually any forklift and dumps all common size bins.

  • Continuous Flow Receiver

    Continuous Flow Receiver

    The Weldcraft Continuous Flow 90\n. Receiver pairs with the Side by Side Shaker to form a set. A Wide variety of option to suite any crop including bins or bulk systems.

  • Side Mount Shaker

    Side Mount Shaker

    Our Side Mount Shaker travels straight down the rows, no backing up required. Main advantages to our Side Mount Shaker are the speed and operator ease. Trees can easily be harvested up to 7 trees per minute.

  • Side Shaker

    Side Shaker

    We are the oldest existing manufacturer of Side by Side Han/esters in the United States. We have used a lifetime of farming and harvesting knowledge to develop the fastest and most reliable harvesters on the market. Our machines are very versatile andean harvest many types of trees even in the toughest conditions. Our shaker pairs with the 90° Continuous Flow Receiver or our Straight Through Pan Receiver. This makes it extremely versatile for...

  • Bank Out

    Bank Out

    The Weldcraft Bankout is offered in a rear engine configuration with air cab as well as with side engine no cab. The side engine model can double as a Bin Carrier Our rear engine model is strictly for use as a Bankout.

  • Pruning Tower

    Pruning Tower

    The Weldcraft Pruning Towers have been manufactured for over 40 years. These machines have the most power and are the smoothest and safest machine on the market