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  • Feeders

  • Weldy - Fence Line Bunk Feeders

    Weldy - Fence Line Bunk Feeders

    Fence line bunks form a division between the feed lot and feeding area. This allows feed to be placed in the bunk without entering the lot or dumping it over a fence. The bunk side toward the cattle is closed preventing a buildup under feed bunk. Cattle restraining bars are welded to the bunk on the cattle side forming a fence. This prevents cattle from stepping or falling into bunk in addition to minimizing feed waste. Fence line bunk can be ordered...

  • Weldy - Green Chop Hay Feeders

    Weldy - Green Chop Hay Feeders

    Designed to feed silage, green chop, large round or square bales The 3/4' exterior plywood is 4ft. high and is easy to remove for feeding large round bales. The 'V' in center promotes feed-down within the reach of the animals. Equipped with a telescoping tongue and 11 L15 8-ply tires and tubes. Trough height is 24'.

  • Weldy - Portable Feed Bunks

    Weldy - Portable Feed Bunks

    Feeds silage, grain or hay. Two inch turned in ledge on bunk helps eliminate waste. Tube around top is 2″ x 2″ square and adds strength to the feeder. Telescoping tongue is standard. Trough height is 28″. Custom sizes & Designs available.

  • Weldy - Round Bale Feeder Wagons

    Weldy - Round Bale Feeder Wagons

    This feeder wagon, a full seven feet wide, is 100% steel constructed with 6,000-pound spindles. The tricycle front end (for easy towing) turns sharper than 90°, and an extended tongue assures easy hitchup. This double bar wagon with an exterior frame is available in eight lengths ranging from 12 to 40 feet – one for every operation.

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  • Cattle Equipment Alleys & Tubs

  • Cattle Crowding Tub

    Cattle Crowding Tub

    Heavy-duty 1-1/2 inch square tubing. Reversible entrance or stationary tub. Eight-foot sweeping radius. Spring-loaded crowding gate latch. 14 gate locking points. Heavy-duty towing hitch. Folds in half to six feet wide.

  • Spool Adjustable Alley Panels

    Spool Adjustable Alley Panels

    Adjustable alleyways provide a width range of 20 inches to 28 inches, allowing you to work with any size of animal.

  • Options Cattle Equipments

  • Heavy-Duty Manual Headgate

    Heavy-Duty Manual Headgate

    Quick-release friction. No-choke stanchion design. Handles all size animals. Side bars stay clean in freezing weather. Short seven-inch step-over for exit. Full width exit.

  • Calving Pens

  • Calving Pen

    Calving Pen

    Self catch Headgate. 10'x 10'or 10'x 12'. Hinged Nursing panel. Pin together Construction. Parts can be used se arately the rest of the year!

  • Cattle Equipment Chutes

  • Cattlemaster - Model 1100H - Chute

    Cattlemaster - Model 1100H - Chute

    Chute weighs in excess of 4,000 pounds. No hand adjustments needed from the smallest calves to the largest bulls. No hoses or cylinders. Chute is wheel ready and designed to transport in minutes. Poly wear points to maximize life, minimize wear and noise. Headgate and end gate shields extend out past door opening width, no risk of injury to operator or bystanders. Headgate has 3/4” rubber on animal side as well as rubber and cushions for neck...

  • Cattlemaster - Model 1100M - Chute

    Cattlemaster - Model 1100M - Chute

    Chute operates from 30' to less than 15' inside dimensions. Operators & handlers can move both forward and aft with no handle or lever obstruction. No moving parts attached to the floor. Each steel moving part is greaseable via zerks. All other moving parts roll or slide on indestructible nylon.

  • Cattlemaster - Model 2100M - Chute

    Cattlemaster - Model 2100M - Chute

    Unequaled access to animal from the front, or the sides, or the back. Branding doors swing out and are removable - no tools needed. Palpation door travels with side squeeze creating a funnel to eliminate small animal turn around. Innovative design features include ease of operation for the user in turn providing less stress on the livestock.

  • Cattlemaster - Model 640 - Sorting & Holding Chute

    Cattlemaster - Model 640 - Sorting & Holding Chute

    Heavy-duty manual headgate. Palp cage. Both sides open. Fiberglass rump .bar, adjustable at ratchets. Scale Read. Holes in flo.or and loops at top of chute for restraining rails. Neck access on. both sides.

  • Portable Sale Ring

  • Portable Sale Ring

    Portable Sale Ring

    16 x 16 sale ring. 7 foot tall. 17 inch sub frames. 8 foot sections with 4 foot walk thru openings. 2 people can setup in less than a half an hour!