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  • Forestry

  • Dutch Dragon  - Press Collector

    Dutch Dragon - Press Collector

    The Dutch Dragon Press Collector can be easily mounted on various makes of forwarders and thus gives the possibility of compacting and transporting bulky waste timber.

  • Dutch Dragon - Model SG850  - Stump Grinder

    Dutch Dragon - Model SG850 - Stump Grinder

    The Dutch Dragon stump grinder has been specially developed for mounting onto mobile excavators. The adjustable hydraulic motor, specially developed for this application, allows the optimum ratio between speed and torque to be created for your excavator. The innovative grinding bit mountings mean the bits can be changed with minimum holdup. As an option the SG850 can be fitted with a slewing motor that allows the grinder to be rotated...

  • Earth Moving

  • Caesar - Model 1506 / 1507 - Cranes

    Caesar - Model 1506 / 1507 - Cranes

    We are specialized in the construction of cranes that are used in the agricultural sector, the construction sector, forestry, composting and by water companies. The cranes have a wide range of functions and possibilities. This versatility means that Caesar cranes can be deployed in a great many different places. A Caesar crane carries on where other cranes give up. We have a production facility in Ulft. The service and maintenance departments also...