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  • Dutch Dragon - Wood Chippers

  • Dutch Dragon - Model EC6545 - Wood Chippers

    Dutch Dragon - Model EC6545 - Wood Chippers

    The direct cut & throw concept makes the Dutch Dragon EC6545 one of the most compact machines in its capacity class. With a drum diameter of 800 mm and in in-feed of 65 x 45 cm it is possible to chip complete trunks in just seconds. The Dutch Dragon EC 6545 concept is the ideal tractor-driven machine for professional chipping.

  • Dutch Dragon - Model EC9045 - Wood Chipper

    Dutch Dragon - Model EC9045 - Wood Chipper

    The Dutch Dragon EC9045 with the direct cut & throw concept enables a very compact and energy saving construction. With no wear-sensitive jacks and blowers. The drum and the infeed rollers make maximum use of the drive power. The infeed rollers are positioned as close as possible to the drum thus retaining full control over the infeed product. This results in a very high and uniform chip quality.

  • Dutch Dragon - Model EC6060 - Wood Chipper

    Dutch Dragon - Model EC6060 - Wood Chipper

    The 275 kW and 405 kW motorised Dutch Dragon EC6060 meets the demands of the professional: an endless stream of top quality wood chips! The powerful infeed rollers and two-blade 1000 rpm chipping drum, in combination with a control system designed by Dutch Dragon, all ensure that the operator can fully concentrate on loading the chipper. The universal Dutch Dragon C frame means that the chipper can be easily mounted onto any type of vehicle...

  • Dutch Dragon - Model EC10045 - Wood Chipper

    Dutch Dragon - Model EC10045 - Wood Chipper

    Dutch Dragon has built this towed chipper specially for the heavier types of tractor. Due to the chipper's low self-weight in combination with its compact construction, the full tractor power can be used to produce the maximum quantity of high quality chips. The integrated control system in combination with the monitor facilitates the operator's work. The rapidly rotating closed drum (1000 rpm) with a 1-metre cross-section chips and ejects the product...

  • Dutch Dragon - Model EC10075 - Wood Chippers

    Dutch Dragon - Model EC10075 - Wood Chippers

    Maximum capacity in a short time. That is what the Dutch Dragon EC10075 is all about. Whereas other brands require far more room to work at 200 m3/hour, for the Dutch Dragon this is a piece of cake. Activities alongside the motorway often result in long traffic jams. With the Dutch Dragon, the entire chipper and transport combination can stay on the hard shoulder. Traffic can pass without hindrance.  Wood residues in difficult-to-access forest...

  • Forestry Machines

  • Dutch Dragon - Model SB 60 - Bundler

    Dutch Dragon - Model SB 60 - Bundler

    The SB60 can collect and bundle branch residues into compact bundles. This is the most efficient way of transporting top wood from the terrain. The powerful presses and rapidly rotating bundling system guarantee a continuous bundling process. The bundles can be left in the field for a longer period, with the added benefit of natural drying at no cost. The Dutch Dragon bundler collects and bundles wood residues into compact packages. This simplifies...

  • Dutch Dragon - Press Collector

    Dutch Dragon - Press Collector

    The logistical solution for wood residues transport. The Dutch Dragon Press Collector is easy to mount onto different forwarder brands and so makes it possible to compress and transport voluminous quantities of wood residues.

  • Dutch Dragon - Model SG 850 - Stump Grinder

    Dutch Dragon - Model SG 850 - Stump Grinder

    The Dutch Dragon stump grinder has been specially designed for assembly onto mobile diggers. The hydraulic motor, which can be adjusted specifically for this application, enables you to create the optimal ratio between rotation speed and torque for your digger.

  • Earth Moving

  • Caesar - Model 1506 / 1507 - Cranes

    Caesar - Model 1506 / 1507 - Cranes

    We are specialized in the construction of cranes that are used in the agricultural sector, the construction sector, forestry, composting and by water companies. The cranes have a wide range of functions and possibilities. This versatility means that Caesar cranes can be deployed in a great many different places. A Caesar crane carries on where other cranes give up. We have a production facility in Ulft. The service and maintenance departments also...