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  • Machines for Fruits- Raspberry, Blueberry - Harvesting Technology

  • Karen - Raspberry and Blueberry Harvester

    Karen - Raspberry and Blueberry Harvester

    KAREN is the newest solutions of raspberry and blueberry harvester. It guarantees effective picking and very high quality of harvested fruits with minimum operating actions and constant working parameters.  Innovative covers and the sealing system minimizes fruits losses and increase efficiency of cleaning unit. The technological solutions found in KAREN allow to work on plantations in all conditions. The harvester quaranting effective and...

  • Natalia - Model V - Raspberry Harvester

    Natalia - Model V - Raspberry Harvester

    Unique full-row, pulled-behind harvester for picking raspberries grown without supports. Ensures high quality of crop and effectiveness of seasonally repeated harvesting process. Designed for harvesting raspberries for processing industry and freezing. The harvester is delicate for fruit and bushes. It is designed for plantations from 7 to 9 hectares.