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  • Center Pivots

    Valley is the leader in precision irrigation worldwide with center pivots that set the standard for reliability and durability. For more than 50 years, Valley has developed products based on a vision of combining advanced technology with high functionality to meet customer needs. Today, Valley offers a wide range of products that help meet the demanding needs of precision agriculture, water conservation, and labor savings.

  • Model 5000 Series - Center Pivots

    Model 5000 Series - Center Pivots

    The Valley 5000 series provides a cost-effective irrigation solution for smaller fields up to 60 acres. This durable machine was created specifically for production agriculture and comes with the reliability and aftermarket support that only Valley dealers can provide.

  • Model 7000 Series - Center Pivots

    Model 7000 Series - Center Pivots

    Engineered and developed as a cost-effective irrigation solution, the Valley 7000 series is second only to the industry-leading Valley 8000 series for reliability, durability, and overall performance..