Westeel is a Canadian grain storage and liquid storage manufacturing company. Westeel offers a wide range of on-farm and commercial storage solutions for today’s agricultural industry, as well as custom storage solutions to meet the needs of the petroleum (upstream, midstream, and downstream), biofuels, and industrial sectors. Founded in 1905 in Canada, it now exports its products across around the world. Westeel joined the Ag Growth International (AGI) family in 2015. AGI is a leading manufacturer of portable and stationary grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment. In addition to PTM, AGI’s family of brands include Batco, Westfield, Wheatheart, Grain Guard, Keho, Twister, Union Iron, HSI, Applegate, Mepu, Tramco, Airlanco, REM and PTM.

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450 Desautels Street , Winnipeg , Manitoba R2H 3E6 Canada

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Communities around the world depend on food, water and fuel for survival - securing these vital resources is essential. Since 1905, from our boardrooms to our shop floors, we have focused not only on what we build, but on what we protect and who we serve.

From local farmers to global partners and oil and gas pioneers, we are dedicated to defending the hard work and investment of our clients. We are problem solvers at heart and leverage communication and collaboration to create storage solutions that work.

With a focus on flexibility, exceptional quality and ease of assembly, Westeel products and services are now available across the world. A century after entering the market, we have grown into a global leader in steel manufacturing and are proudly one of the first bin manufacturing ISO 9001-certified companies in North America.