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  • Front-End Loaders

  • Model WL-21 - Front-End Loaders

    Model WL-21 - Front-End Loaders

    The WL-21 or the Jiffy Loader™ is the perfect fit for that smaller 2WD tractor, maintaining all of the strength and durability that we put into our larger loaders. Great for moving hay for livestock or cleaning up around the farm. Ideal for older 2WD tractors to maintain fast cycling speeds.

  • Model CC-330  - Front-End Loaders

    Model CC-330 - Front-End Loaders

    This powerful loader with smooth action has a molded, seamless fit. Its heavy-duty bucket has a rib-free interior for quick clean out. Its wider frame increases visibility and accommodates side mufflers on today's newer tractors.

  • Wagons

  • Model AYW-1000  - Anhydrous Gear

    Model AYW-1000 - Anhydrous Gear

    Gives you the 5th wheel wagon trailing advantage without the tip over problem - for 1000 gallon anyhydrous tank. This Westendorf anhydrous wagon positions the tank low for easy access to the hook-ups vs. standing on a side plank. The Westendorf Anhydrous Wagon is built heavy-duty for long-lasting performance with the same legendary quality as our wagon gears.

  • Model LBT-20 - Lowboy

    Model LBT-20 - Lowboy

    Our heavy duty wagon gears are designed and engineered to give you top performance for many years of rugged use. With so many extra advantages, combined with a competitive price, you are sure to get the best value for your dollar.

  • Landscrapers

  • Model 8 - Landscrapers

    Model 8 - Landscrapers

    The 8' Landscraper™ is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you will ever own. Ready to tackle a multitude of tasks including forming and maintaining drainage ditches, cleaning feedlots, removing snow, and much more.

  • Dump Spreader

  • Hydraulic Dump Spreader

    Hydraulic Dump Spreader

    The patented Dump Spreader has a simple design concept that makes it the obvious solution when hauling and spreading liquid or semi-liquid materials, especially in colder climates and for dairy farmers that use sand bedding. There are no internal components in this spreader to wear out.