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  • Front-End Loaders

  • Model MAX420 - Front-End Loaders

    Model MAX420 - Front-End Loaders

    Westendorf loaders are known for their many advantages – but the proof is in their performance. The MAX420 will do everything you want a loader to do, and more. Maneuver better! Load more! Dump higher! Work Faster! The styling of Max not only has an undeniable WOW factor, but the intelligent design offers unsurpassed quality, performance and strength.

  • Grab Forks

  • Model GF-20 - Grab Forks

    Model GF-20 - Grab Forks

    The Jiffy Monster Grab Fork offers three straight teeth and quick-attach. Just attach to the top rail of the bucket and secure to the hooks on the back. Quickly mount and dismount to any 20 series bucket. Hose kits are available for your loader already equipped with T-lines or to plug into the rear ports of the tractor.

  • Model GF-28 - Grab Forks

    Model GF-28 - Grab Forks

    The GF-28 Monster Grab Fork is designed for larger 20 Series loaders, like the TA-28, TA-28 Plus and TA-29. It has replaceable curved teeth with two extensions for handling large, round bales.

  • Model GF-32 - Grab Forks

    Model GF-32 - Grab Forks

    The GF-32 Sabretooth Fork has two high tensile strength, forged, curved teeth. This versatile grapple easily penetrates into material. It is shown attached to the top rail of the Tine Bucket.

  • Landscrapers

  • Model 8 - Landscrapers

    Model 8 - Landscrapers

    The 8' Landscraper™ is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you will ever own. Ready to tackle a multitude of tasks including forming and maintaining drainage ditches, cleaning feedlots, removing snow, and much more.

  • Dump Spreader

  • Hydraulic Dump Spreader

    Hydraulic Dump Spreader

    The patented Dump Spreader has a simple design concept that makes it the obvious solution when hauling and spreading liquid or semi-liquid materials, especially in colder climates and for dairy farmers that use sand bedding. There are no internal components in this spreader to wear out.