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  • Greenhouses

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    The most used glass greenhouse structure in the world. Most professional growers with glass greenhouses use this VENLO type greenhouse for crops like tomato, cucumbers, peppers, but also for cut flowers like roses and many others and pot plants. Venlo greenhouses have a tendency to be designed and built higher because of more stable climate and therefore a better condition for the crop, resulting in higher yields.

  • WIDESPAN  - Model A - Frame Greenhouses

    WIDESPAN - Model A - Frame Greenhouses

    This type of greenhouse structure is popular worldwide. It finds it use in commercial greenhouses but also for special solutions like pot plant nurseries and research greenhouses and even for Garden centres.

  • Heating

  • Hot Water Radiant Heat Unit

    Hot Water Radiant Heat Unit

    Depending on your growing needs such as vegetable crops on hydroponics with hanging gutters or crops on concrete floor or bench as well as multiple zone(s) hot water radiant heat is of great value. Costs are relatively reasonable and paybacks are quick with an efficient hot water system that places the heat closer to the plant. For every greenhouse project where heating is required, our specialists will engineer the most effective and efficient...