Wheatley Woods

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  • American cranberry viburnum

    American cranberry viburnum

    Excellent shrub for screening and informal hedging. White flowers in late spring and clusters of bright red fruits in the fall. A fast growing plant with maple-like leaves that turn red, orange and yellow in the fall. The berries are great in jellies and spreads. Prefers full sun to part shade. Height 5-15' Width 4-10' Moist to wet soil. Zone: 2-6(7).

  • Arrowwood viburnum

    Arrowwood viburnum

    A vase-shaped to rounded shrub producing multiple fast-growing sprouts with creamy-white blooms in late spring developing into blue-black fruits in the fall that are relished by birds. Prefers sun to light shade. Height 6-12(15)' Width 4-10' Moist to dry soil. Zone 4-9