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  • Agricultural

  • Hay Bale Fork

    Hay Bale Fork

    The Smart Bale Tools fork grabs the bales by a simple vertical movement of the loader. A flap system automatically clamps the bales when the fork is lifted and releases them when the fork puts them down. It is available with attachement for ALO-Quicke front end loader or threepoints hitch. Other or custom attachements are available upon request. 3-year warranty on parts.

  • Hay Bale Trailer

    Hay Bale Trailer

    An innovative and maintenance-free system, the Smart Bale ToolsTM trailer allows you to load or unload hay bales directly on the ground in one single movement. It is the combination of attachment on the tractor’s threepoint hitch and of tandem wheels with a scissor movement, that allows the Smart Bale ToolsTM trailer to lower itself to the ground. A flap system automatically clamps the bales when the trailer is raised and releases them when it...

  • Domestics

  • TRANSFACOTEUR - Log Carrier & Holde

    TRANSFACOTEUR - Log Carrier & Holde

    New kind of basket for carrying firewood and for other environmental work. Concept, method and tools to enjoy the daily firewood handling.

  • Industrails

  • Countertop Saw

    Countertop Saw

    Telescopic support to maintain the counter in place once cut. Integrated router machining system operated by handlebars that can create 4 cavities for bolts assembly. 4th router is mobile on 3 positions (standard, close, distant). Device allowing non-standard angle cutting with pneumatic lock. Variable feed speed. New reversed cutting model now available (see data sheet).

  • Radial Miter Saw

    Radial Miter Saw

    Heavy-duty machine for industrial use. Preselected cutting angles at 0°, 22.5° and 45° on both sides. Height adjustable head for Ø8' to Ø14' circular saw blade (not included). Long lateral tables with positionning rulers.

  • Inclined Blade Radial Saw

    Inclined Blade Radial Saw

    Heavy-duty production machine. Provides precise cutting even under the most severe conditions of use. Can be automated to your needs.

  • 2 Axis Sequential Jointer

    2 Axis Sequential Jointer

    Fully automated machine.  With wood feeding stacker. Upon request, this equipment can be adapted for other types of work similar to jointing on 2 perpendicular axis on the lenght of wood.