The company Wintec Aqua is a machine works established in 1988, and we have just doubled our production facilities. Apart from the fact that Wintec Aqua is an all round machine- and engineering business we have specialized the production and trade within some main fields: Machinery and equipment for aqua culture. Sewage water treatment plants (SWTP) and sewerage systems. Treatment of industrial waste water, industrial process water and -liquids. Automatic sluice plants for regulation of water levels in rivers and lakes. Mobile drum filters for amusement- and water parks.

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Risbjergvej 28 , Brande , DK-7330 Denmark

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Industry Type:
Agriculture - Aquaculture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Further information about some of the fields:

The most typical equipment for aqua culture could be listed thus:

  • Micro drum filters
  • Grading machines
  • Fish screws
  • Vacuum fish pumps
  • Automatic grating cleaners
  • All kind of fish farming equipment on special request
  • Automatic sluice gates
  • Oxygenation plants
  • Mechanical aerators
  • Telephone alarm systems
  • Propeller pumps 30-2000 l/s
  • Biological treatment of water
  • All kind of pumps also fuel engine operated
  • All kind of hoses
  • Electric switch boards
  • Automatic sludge removers
  • Recycling systems


Typical equipment for SWTP and sewerage systems are:
Micro drum filters for final filtration of the water before outlet from the SWTP.

  • A wide range of pumps
  • Smaller or bigger gate valves
  • Inlet gratings og strainers

Rotating drum strainers for coarse straining of the waste water by-passed from the main pipe during heavy rain periods. These drum strainers are installed in big basins accumulating the over flow caused by the rain water.


For the industrial field  we serve the market with:

  • Micro drum filters adapted for the  special circumstances
  • Rotating filters with internal screw for discharge of the separated materials
  • Dewatering systems
  • All kind of pumps
  • Building of pipe systems

Industrial service, maintenance and supply of wearing parts, motors etc.

If you should be in need for equipment you do not find on our web site, just ask us, and we shall most likely find a solution.