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  • Lawn Tractors

  • Model W1639  - Lawn Mower

    Model W1639 - Lawn Mower

    The W1639 lawn mower from Wisconsin Engineering delivers premium cut and vacuuming performance at an affordable price.The W1639 features the highest quality, highest performance mowing system available in its class. Combined with a rock-solid chassis and premium components, it is a very versatile tractor capable of handling your ground care needs all year long.

  • Model W-2900  - Lawn Tractors

    Model W-2900 - Lawn Tractors

    The W-2900 is a proven performance leader. Not only does it offer top-notch cut quality and collection performance, it is built from the highest grade components to serve reliably season after season. A broad range of advanced features, like the extra large electrically opened collector, keep you working in comfort. If you are looking for the ultimate cut and collection machine for your lawn or business, the W-2900 is a excellent choice.

  • Model W-3500  - Lawn Tractors

    Model W-3500 - Lawn Tractors

    Do you have demanding mowing tasks and need a machine that will help with other chores? The W-3500 has phenomenal grass cutting and collection capability thanks to it′s purpose built and optimized design. Together with the optional front hitch which allows use of implements such as snow blades, brooms, and snow blowers, these features make the W-3500 a true four-season workhorse that will help with all of your groundscare tasks.

  • Utility Tractor

  • FARMER  - Model W-4000  - Articulated Utility Tractor

    FARMER - Model W-4000 - Articulated Utility Tractor

    Need to handle implements and trailers with pinpoint precision? Need to get into tight spaces or command rough terrain? You can with the Farmer tractor. A unique, technically advanced, combination of articulation and oscillation give the Farmer all the right features to keep you in control in the most demanding conditions. This is the ultimate machine for tight, confined conditions,...

  • YUKON  - Model W-5000  - Articulated Utility Tractor

    YUKON - Model W-5000 - Articulated Utility Tractor

    We′re changing expectations of what a typical utility tractor is, and what it should be capable of doing. The Yukon is a no-nonsense workhorse that punches above its weight - it packs tremendous features and capability into to an especially agile, compact chassis. The ground breaking concept gives you the freedom to work efficiently, productively, and comfortably without the limitations that plague conventional tractors. A rich standard feature...