Wolf Creek Company, Inc.

Wolf Creek Company, Inc.

Wolf Creek Company, Inc.

The Wolf Creek Companies serve trade customers and are organized into four business groups to best support the needs of each distinct customer segment. Because of reputation and demand, a growth strategy was implemented in 2011 to broaden the scope of business. WC3 Design now supports the project design community with irrigation, water harvesting, and lake management designs and consulting on projects worldwide. Prior to, work was limited to the service area of the Wolf Creek Company Landscape Systems group.

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6051 Wolf Creek Pike , Trotwood , 45426 Ohio USA
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We are a wholesale distribution organization serving trade customers consisting of two companies; The Wolf Creek Company and Wolf Creek Portable Piping.

Wolf Creek Company

    We serve as a point of supply, field assistance, project consulting, and education for;
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Golf Courses
  • Agricultural and Nursery growers
  • Commercial entities

Our service area includes western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and most of Kentucky. Warehouses are located in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington. We stock and support several primary product groups. Our focus is on the mechanical systems used to enhance or support an agronomic or grower user. We call them Green Industry Systems.

  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Water features
  • Lake Aeration and Fountains
  • Pumping Systems
  • Water Harvesting and Retention systems
  • Drainage

Over the past 50 years we have grown to be a group of people with deep mechanical knowledge and experience. Most of our team has extensive field experience which provides a well of knowledge for customers to rely on. While others focus on selling product, we aim to help our customers succeed with the products we supply. A satisfying condition that has built many enjoyable long term relationships, proving profitable for our customers and fulfilling for us.

Wolf Creek Portable Piping

    We provide a reliable point of supply for unique pipe and fittings for;
  • Construction equipment rental companies
  • Water/Fluid related contractors
  • Mining operations
  • Governmental or commercial entities

Our primary service area is the United States, but we do support customers in all of North America. All Portable Piping production and shipping is handled at our Dayton, Ohio facility.

Portable Piping is a collection of piping products that allow for quick connection and disassembly for uses where a temporary pipe network is required. Once the need has ended the pipe can be quickly disassembled and move to another location, hence the name Portable Piping.

The Bauer HK ball and socket coupler is the heart of our business. We have adapted the HK coupler for use on several pipe media up to 12” diameter including Steel Pipe, HDPE Pipe, and Hoses. We hold a Patent on our PolyBarb system for attaching the HK coupler to HDPE.

We also provide unique Road Crossings, Vac Tubes, and several other fittings. In addition, our welding shop custom manufactures special use fittings with the HK or other coupler types.

One factor is paramount for any product we supply; Quality. Failure in most of the applications cannot be tolerated and may cause an extremely costly problem. We will never let our customers down by supplying an inferior item.

Our overriding objective is always to be a reliable and complete supplier. Many of our customers have little notice of when product is needed so we must be ready! But we have also developed a strong level of hydraulic and piping knowledge added to that which we started with through years of working with irrigation and pumping systems.

Reliable supply, technical consultation, and a driving philosophy to get product where it’s needed when it’s wanted.

Special Agent Knowles Assigned to Irrigation Duty

How does a Korean War veteran and FBI Special Agent end up in the wholesale distribution business? Back in 1960, Bud Knowles was a special agent with the FBI, leading the Dayton, Ohio office. But he had a yearning to work for himself and saw the opportunity to start a landscape company. From this spark of inspiration, he went to work. Bud combined his organizational skills learned in the Marine Corps, where he was a Second Lieutenant during the Korean War, together with his interest in business and accounting developed during his time at Wichita State University.

Wolf Creek Company began in 1961 as a landscaping company, but quickly blossomed with the addition of a retail garden center, nursery business and eventually irrigation installation. Even back then, supportive customer relationships and fair business dealing were the hallmarks of Bud’s philosophy, winning him the loyalty of both customers and suppliers. Wolf Creek was an early dealer for Toro’s Moist-O-Matic irrigation products and installed over 40 golf courses plus residential and commercial sites. Agricultural irrigation was added with the Valley (Valmont) and Bauer product lines.

Wolf Creek – Focused on Leadership in Wholesale Distribution

By the 1970’s, Bud Knowles began consolidating the burgeoning operation into a single focus: to be the top-ranked wholesale distributor in the area. Seeing Bud’s success, Rain Bird quickly appointed Wolf Creek Company as a distributor for both turf and golf products. The company’s service area rapidly expanded from just one portion of Ohio to a broad regional area encompassing Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Today Bud is enjoying retirement and continues to give advice to his sons, Scott and Chris who have taken over the operation.

Scott Knowles, a graduate of both Ohio State and the University of Nebraska, is now company President. He is often the face of the company within the industry, working closely with contractors and designers and taking an active role in trade associations and government affairs. He’s been a champion of professional education and certification, developing Wolf Creek’s contractor educational program into a model that’s respected throughout the nation.

Chris Knowles leverages his background in Accounting and Business Management to drive many “inside” aspects that make working with Wolf Creek a breeze: unmatched inventory availability, top-tier logistics, flexible ordering terms and well-staffed locations. He works closely with Wolf Creek’s vendor partners to offer the widest selection of professional products in the region.

As Wolf Creek Company moves past its 50th year in business, we know our success depends on the success of our customers. Therefore, we spend a lot of time in the field meeting with suppliers and customers, getting the pulse of the market and offering our help to entrepreneurs like ourselves.

We seek to never lose our connection to the market. We do not want to ever be a corporate bureaucracy where customers are “just a number” and senior management is isolated from customer feedback. Our in-depth product and customer knowledge plus a team with decades of field experience is what makes the Wolf Creek stand apart.

We sincerely appreciate the trust that our customers have placed in us. We pledge to do all we can to earn your business. And if you’re new to Wolf Creek, we invite you to experience the difference today!


We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed

The vision and values established by Bud Knowles continue to be carried forward by the current team at Wolf Creek


  • Provide the best products available in every category. Partner with the top lines that offer quality, value and service.
  • Treat employees and customers fairly. Remember the “golden rule”.
  • Do the right thing. Honesty and integrity are remembered.
  • Keep getting better. Try new things. Encourage others to learn and improve.

Wolf Creek Company Statement of Values

Every company has a set of core beliefs, values, and principals. Whether by conscious design or hap-hazard evolution a company's moral and ethical personality will become establish. Witness how ownership treats staff and customers to learn about an owner's inner character.

Our Company started with some simple principals establish by Bud Knowles in 1961. We have endeavored to live up to these standards everyday.

  • Provide the best products available. Partner with the top lines that offer quality, value and service.
  • Treat employees and customers fairly. Remember the 'golden rule'.
  • Do the right thing. Honesty and integrity are remembered.
  • Keep getting better. Try new things. Encourage others to learn and improve.

Here is an expanded version reflecting our view about our place in this world;

  • Anyone who puts their wealth at risk to create jobs and improve a community is a courageous and honorable person. A nation prospers by how well it treats its entrepreneurs.
  • We are honored to live in a nation where Free Enterprise still exists. Operating a business is a noble profession that helps countless people improve their lives.
  • We know Free Enterprise has lifted more people to higher living conditions than any and all other economic systems combined.
  • As business owners we are but the caretakers of a unique and magnificent enterprise. We must be attentive to guard our ethical and moral behavior. Do the Right thing.
  • Leadership and professional management is essential for the long term survival of our company and the best hope for the economic health of our country.
  • Our business is an expression of ourselves. We strive to make it a good one.
  • The fundamental goal of our business is to earn a respectable return on investment; our loftier dream is to build a company that serves a higher purpose.
  • We believe those who work with us are more than employees; they are partnered with us to achieve the mutual objective of improving all our lives and positively impacting our communities.
  • Life-long learning helps us grow as individuals, becoming more valuable to our company, our industry, our communities, and our nation.
  • The future of our company is greater than I or any individual. We strive to leave a meaningful legacy.
  • We work to use our knowledge and experience to help others succeed.