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  • Agri & Countryside Care

  • Finishing Mowers

    Finishing Mowers

    Suitable for parks, large gardens, athletic fields, golf courses, highway maintenance and sports pitches. All mowers have adjustable cutting height of 1-4”. Floating top link to allow for undulating ground. Heavy duty chains are standard on all rear discharge models. All have 4 self-aligning wheels for an even cut. c/w cat 1 lift pins and pto shaft. Mulching Kit Optional extra on all sizes.

  • Trailed Grass Harrows

    Trailed Grass Harrows

    Pasture renovation; breaking up and levelling heavy soil. Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening thatch. Excellent for ripping out moss, spreading manure, and levelling mole hills. Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth. Works in fertiliser to both spread and maximise effectiveness. Surface levelling in equestrian centres, race tracks, and running tracks. Strong robust design ensures long life and minimum maintenance.

  • Model Sandman - Arena Conditioners

    Model Sandman - Arena Conditioners

    Requiring 20+ horse power the arena conditioner will loosen and level the most crusted arenas in one pass to leave a firm level surface with an even depth. The machine is fitted on to the three point linkage and drawn on pneumatic wheels with the depth of the levelling bar set by the top link on the tractor. Can also be used with a quad bike. The spring steel tines have their own independent depth control so that no damange can be done to the...

  • Wagtail Spreaders (Pendulum Spreaders)

    Wagtail Spreaders (Pendulum Spreaders)

    Optional hydraulic shut off. Finished with an epoxy varnish, baked at 150deg for longer life. Polyester hopper which does not rust or deteriorate. Spreading widths from 6m to 12m. Parts are compatible with other makes of spreaders. Fast hook-up on 800models and up.

  • Model AYS - Flexi All Rubber Scraper

    Model AYS - Flexi All Rubber Scraper

    Available in painted and galvanised finish. Fully adjustable wings to give 3 variable working widths from 1.7m (6ft) – 2.47m (8ft). New specially designed 50mm thick x 400mm high flexible moulded rubber for long life and efficient scraping. The heavy duty structural box frame is designed to take a quick hitch A frame as standard. Quick Hitch A frame is available as an optional extra. Computer aided design is used to increase the drag efficiency...

  • Model AYSHD - Heavy Duty All Rubber Scraper

    Model AYSHD - Heavy Duty All Rubber Scraper

    Available in painted and galvanised finish; A set working width of 2.1m. The blade frame is constructed from heavy duty structural channel. 25mm thick x 500mm high flexible fibre reinforced  hard wearing rubber. Hinge points are positioned outside the scraping area and are easily accessible for greasing. Heavy duty structural box frame with computer aided design for increased drag efficiency giving better ground pressure for a cleaner sweep....