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  • Ferris - Model ProCut S - 3-Wheel Riders

    Ferris - Model ProCut S - 3-Wheel Riders

    The ProCut™ S three-wheel riding mower features a simple design for ease-of-operation and serviceability. The three-wheel rider was the first commercial mower Ferris ever produced in 1986. Today, we lead the market in this category for sales. The ProCut™ S, featuring suspension technology, enhances the mowing experience with speed and comfort. The improved height-of-cut control makes changing cut height a snap. If you desire a mower with high visibility...

  • STIHL - Model HL 45 (0°) - Hedge Trimmers

    STIHL - Model HL 45 (0°) - Hedge Trimmers

    When you need a little more reach with hedge trimming jobs, get the HL 45 (0°) STIHL HomeScaper Series™ extended reach hedge trimmer. Featuring double-sided 20' blades that have 0° fixed angle, its lightweight engine and durable gearbox delivers added power without added weight. With great cutting results and a balanced feel, it's just the thing for homeowners.