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The maxim ‘information is power’ is truer now than ever. In developing countries, for example, climate change is creating new and very serious challenges to rural communities. Meanwhile, new strategies to help people cope, adapt, survive and even prosper are being found and developed ‐ whether by lab scientists, field researchers or the communities themselves. But how to share those lessons learned and winning formulae? Improving communication to support the development of integrated, sustainable solutions to problems such as hunger, poverty, malnutrition and deforestation is at the heart of what we do at WRENmedia. And while communication technologies change, the principles of conciseness, clear focus, precise language and powerful images continue to drive our work on behalf of numerous clients across many fields.

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Gulls Green Road, Fressingfield , Eye , Suffolk IP21 5SA United Kingdom

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Publishing company
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Agriculture - Agriculture Science and Research
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Internationally (various countries)


At WRENmedia we strive for better, clearer communication that makes an impact. Often this means acting as the intermediaries between scientists and a variety of target audiences, including policy makers, donors, development practitioners and farmers. Our work encompasses original writing, re-working existing documents in new, more accessible formats, and simple editing for clarity and brevity, as well as design (see Writing, editing & design). But we also offer more extensive support, including advice on communications strategies, engagement with the mainstream media, and other aspects of public relations (see Communication services). Lastly, we have a long track-record in providing bespoke communications training, particularly to the agricultural science community, as well as science journalists across much of Africa (see Our correspondents).


Passionate, dynamic and responsive, WRENmedia is a small, focussed team of communication professionals based at offices in a rural corner of eastern England – although our work often takes us to other parts of the world, particularly Africa, as well as Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. Over twenty years of communicating on agricultural and rural development, including environmental, social and health-related issues, have given us a sound appreciation and understanding of the sector, as well as an excellent number of contacts in both the scientific and communication communities.

Over the last decade, we have also built an extensive network of southern correspondents, many of whom we have trained, and who have gone on to become top journalists in their fields. This is just one example of how, through partnerships and collaboration, we pursue and promote excellence in science communication. We are proud that our diverse skills, knowledge and networks are enabling us to make a unique contribution to this vital work, supporting communication that informs, empowers and inspires.

In June and July, we're looking forward to...

  • Being in Nairobi from August 31st to 7th September to work with various clients
  • Working on a communication strategy for the Agricultural Policy Research in Africa programme
  • Providing communications training and social media coverage for IDRC CultiAf’s conference on Science and Innovation for Africa’s Agricultural Transformation on Monday 5th September
  • Supporting communications and social media coverage for the Global Panel for Agriculture and Nutrition’s side event at AGRF on Tuesday 6th September
  • Developing new stories for Galvmed
  • Researching and writing on bio fortification for the next edition of Spore
  • Editing a working paper for PAEPARD