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  • VALORISANTE  - Microorganisms

    VALORISANTE - Microorganisms

    Association of specific microorganisms, VALORISANTE initiates and accelerates composting process. Adapted on straw manure and manure pit. Increase the organic potential of the effluent. With VALORISANTE - Enable comfort and hygiene in housing structure

  • PHYLLO’ACTIV - Foliar Biostimulant

    PHYLLO’ACTIV - Foliar Biostimulant

    Phyllosphere is a biological dynamic microsystem located on leaves and leaf sheath. Many microorganisms interact with the plant. Phyllo’Activ brings the specific growth middle which activate commensal flora. Phyllosphere good balance fortify the plant and her resistance against abiotic stress. Besides it influences photosynthetic activity and improve its nutritional capacity. To visualize the last phyllo’activ movie click on the follow...

  • OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL - Biofertilizers

    OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL - Biofertilizers

    OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL Biofertilizers : increase soil and plant capacities. I-4613 : Microbial inoculant (Pseudomonas Putida I-4613) - N° d'AMM 1150018 - Improve plant biomass and yield (Water-soluble powder). GR200 : Optimize soil conditions - Mineral Amendment (Calc-magnesian) (Granular). MG-Start : Long period starter effect on the crop - Fertilizer (Microgranular)

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    XURIAN ENVIRONNEMENT propose adapted solutions to the gardeners wo cares of good natural practices in their garden and home.

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