Yanmar America Corporation

Yanmar is a $6 billion company with over 15,000 employees worldwide. Our primary focus in North America is in the following product and service categories: agriculture; marine; power generation; construction, and industrial engines. One hundered years ago, Yanmar began a legacy of innovation and environmental activism, efforts, that made this company beyond compare. In Japan, oil has always been a scarce commodity. The engines for agricultural use in the early 20th century burned oil and were cumbersome, heavy and difficult to start. As a result, they did little to improve the efficiency of the workers who planted and harvested rice. Finding the exisitng options unworkable, founder Magokichi Yamaoka created a new type of diesel engine. In 1933 he successfully developed the world`s first small diesel engine with a cold-start mechanisn. And since it used less oil than the conventional versions, it fulfilled his tenet: `To conserve fuel is to serve mankind.`

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101 International Parkway , Adairsville , Georgia (US) 30103 USA

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