Yell County Gin Company

Yell County Gin Company

The Yell County Gin Co. was built and first opened in 1947 as a cotton gin in Dardanelle, AR. After changing ownership a few times, since its opening, Delma Merritt purchased the gin in 1966. Delma grew the company from only a cotton gin to a full farm supply store selling feed, seed, fertilizer, and many other farm related goods. However, the cotton industry in the areas surrounding Dardanelle were beginning to decline in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In seeing this, Delma decided to expand on the product line that the Gin offered. Therefore, Delma began buying and selling used tractors and decided in 1971 to partner with Deutz Tractors. With the success the Deutz line brought to the Gin, Delma was approached about adding a second line of tractors. And, in 1975, Delma partnered with Kubota Tractor Corp. and began selling Kubota tractors as well. Both of these tractor companies at the time were small, with Kubota only offering four models.

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709 South 2nd Street , Dardanelle , Arkansas 72834 USA
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With success during the 1980’s came different challenges. David left in 1983 to open up his own tractor dealership in a nearby town and in 1990 Delma was having thoughts of retirement. In fact, Delma gave up the two lines of tractors he worked so hard to establish in the area and 'retired'. But, retirement only lasted for two days. Delma decided retirement was not for him and went back to work buying and selling used tractors at the Gin for the next 14 years.

In 2004, David realized his dad Delma was not going to retire even at the age of 80 years old. So, David decided to come back to Yell County Gin Co. and with his return came one condition, they would once again carry a new tractor line. David and Delma were quick to recognize Mahindra Tractors as a great value in the marketplace. With this new partnership with Mahindra and a combined experience of over 60 years in the tractor industry it was easy to see why this is such a winning combination. Yell County Gin is the oldest Mahindra Dealer in Arkansas. David also added a few new products as well, such as, two lines of zero turn mowers, Bob-Cat Mowers in 2008 and Big Dog Mowers in 2009.

Starting in December 2013, David’s son Dylan became the 3rd generation member of Yell County Gin Co. after receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of the Ozarks. In doing so the Gin decided to add some more new product lines making a partnership with Maxey Trailers to become their authorized trailer dealer in February of 2013 and Tanaka Outdoor Power Equipment in March 2013. Since Dylan has started full time at the Gin, the Gin gained a new and ever growing customer base, online shoppers. Thus expanding the area in which Yell County Gin sells to reaching as far as outlaying states. But, even with this new growth, some things have remained the same, excellent, unmatched, customer service. You can expect this excellent customer service both before and after the sell that is what all customers deserve, both local and long distance customers. So, if you are in the market for new tractor, trailer, or outdoor equipment, give Yell County Gin a call. We would be happy to give you honest advice as to your upcoming purchase.