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  • Model 1020/21LT - Rotary Cutter

    Model 1020/21LT - Rotary Cutter

    Enganche 3 Puntos central. Con cuchillas oscilantes forjadas, de 1.00 m. de ancho de corte, altura de corte de 0 a 0.50 m., registro de altura mecánico incorporado. Toma de fuerza con protección para 540 RPM del tractor. Con rueda de apoyo en el modelo 1021 LT.

  • Model HM 302 - Forage windrowers

    Model HM 302 - Forage windrowers

    Windrower - forage and Desmalezadoras cutter; 3m wide when in use, with two propellers, rotating oscillating blades and windrowing blades, with a weed-containing rake, transmission by means of a flat belt to be activated through a PTO for 540 RPM, remote control from the cab to adjust the cutting height from 0 to 0.45m, with cylinders and hoses. With a third wheel for transport which, when started by the hydraulic circuit, folds and frees the cutting...