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  • Rhino - Model RH Series - Single Spindle Rotary Mower

    Rhino - Model RH Series - Single Spindle Rotary Mower

    The RH Series provides excellent value for the budget-minded customer and is ideal for a range of mowing applications around the ranch, estate, or farmstead.Rhino's single spindle RH series is designed for use on 15, 20, and 25 PTO horsepower tractors. The round back deck and single tail wheel are designed for maneuvering around obstacles easily, and the oval pan blade carrier provides durability in tough spots for excellent mowing performance. The...

  • Rhino - Model 3 PT. MOUNT - Post Hole Diggers

    Rhino - Model 3 PT. MOUNT - Post Hole Diggers

    RHINO POSTHOLE DIGGERS HAVE MODELS SIZED TO MATCH ANY HOMEOWNER, AGRICULTURAL, OR COMMERCIAL APPLICATION. Rhino's PTO driven posthole diggers have 6'-24' diameter augers and a three-point hitch to fit Categories 0, 1, or 1-2, depending on the model. The boom and yoke are designed with high strength steel tubing. Shear bolt driveline protection is standard on all models, and the rugged gearbox ensures years of dependable service.

  • Besler - Model 2000 - Bale Loader

    Besler - Model 2000 - Bale Loader

    The model 2000 is designed to mount on about any flatbed and it will allow you to move and feed hay with the truck and flatbed that you already own. Installing the model 2000 on a flatbed usually takes 2-4 hours. The low profile allows you to use the fifth wheel ball on your flatbed without having to raise it up higher than normal. For 'controlled feeding,' the Besler bale bed loader is the ticket. Unroll only the amount of hay needed, then move on to...