Yuzuak Makine ith.ihr.San ve Tic Ltd Sti.

Yuzuak Makine ith.ihr.San ve Tic Ltd Sti.

Yüzüak Makine company of joint-stock company was established by Mr Mehmet Yüzüak in 1968, Kırklareli. Studied mechanical engineering in Germany under scholarship granted by the state, he came back home and decided to establish his own business. Mr Mehmet Yüzüak started out his professional career in his own company, which manufactured cream machines for dairy farms and musical instrument pins. In the course of time and in line with the irrigation requirements felt by the circle of farmers around him, he has come up with an idea of irrigation gun. Mr Mehmet Yüzüak conceived and manufactured his first model of irrigation gun in 1981. He has continued to manufacture by selling the product to the local farmers in the subsequent years. In a couple of years, international fairs followed the national ones, allowing the company to enter into the global market.

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Karakaş mah.837 Semt sok.NO:1/A , Kirklareli , 39020 Turkey
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Mr Tolga Yüzüak, son of Mr Mehmet Yüzüak, graduated as agriculture engineer in 2002 and started to work for the company. Once joined, Mr Tolga Yüzüak started operations to impart a dynamic aspect to the operations of the company. Attending at the national agricultural fairs and building an official website for the company has increased sale figures, making the product widely known not only on local basis, but throughout Turkey.

Yüzüak Makine distributes its products to 120 points in the country and exports them to about 15 countries

Range of Yüzüak irrigation guns is consisted of 19 models with body angles from 18- through 43-degree in different sizes and properties. Backed up by the export team and computer-assisted design and production software, the company constantly improves itself, now concentrating on the global market.
We aim at satisfying the customers by contributing to such irrigation projects that would be most prolific for them.

Given the ever-increasing population of the world, the people’s need for food also increase. The way to have access to more food is clearing lands for agriculture or rehabilitation of the productivity of the existing lands. And the most cost-effective way of making the existing lands more productive is conscious irrigation of them. In the following years which will most probably feel the effects of the global warming more fiercely, the conscious irrigation will certainly gain further importance.

‘Always getting better’, a tradition of us, is our biggest promise to our customers.

If you are for customer satisfaction and in search of quality and professional products, you should prefer Yüzüak products.